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TruSTART System To Be Used At NHRA Division 1 Summit ET Finals
Gallatin, TN
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drag racing christmas treeeTwo weeks after the NHRA Division 6 track operators voted unanimously in favor of using TruSTART at the Division 6 Summit ET Finals, more news about TruSTART surfaced. This time at the NHRA Division 1 meetings held last weekend in Hershey, PA, a vote was taken among Division 1 track operators where a large majority of them voted in favor of using TruSTART at the Northeast Division Summit Bracket Finals in 2017.

TruSTART, otherwise known as the Worst Red-Light rule where the person who red-lights by the greater amount becomes the loser, was first introduced by Bob Brockmeyer, Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel at the Spring Fling events in 2016. "Peter, Kyle and I have put a lot of time and effort into this concept with the hopes that it would spread throughout the country says Bob Brockmeyer of Compulink Timing Systems. “We believe it will add to the long-term health of handicapped racing and I have a long and growing list of tracks that are going to utilize it in 2017. With many timing system enhancements over the past two decades, TruSTART was needed to put the final touch on a most equal starting line."

This year’s Division 1 Finals will be held at Numidia Dragway in Pennsylvania on September 13-16, where over 400 racers from 13 member tracks will compete for cash awards and team honors. For more info on the Division 1 event visit www.NHRADiv1.com and www.NumidiaDragway.com. The Division 6 Finals are to be held September 1-3 at Woodburn Dragstrip in Oregon. Visit www.NHRADiv6.com for their info

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