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Josh Gnandt Debuts New American Race Cars Dragster
Wellington, OH
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Josh Gnandt from Wellington, Ohio has been carrying a bit of history for the past 16 year and recently upgraded it to another milestone. Who can honestly say they had "dragster number one" and "dragster number 500"? Well Josh can!

In late 2004 American Race Cars was established and Josh Gnandt has owned that serial number 001 dragster since then... until late this last fall when ARC hit the 500 car mark.  That is when Josh along with Travis Colangelo and Mark Horton started talking about how cool it would be for Josh to get the number 500 car.  Well Josh moved his trusty ol dragster and jumped in line to take delivery of car number 500.

Fast forward 6 months and a few states south in Memphis, Tennessee at the American Race Cars $25K Showdowns and Josh debuted his new ride.

josh gnandt american dragster

Josh would like to thank American Race Cars and Mark Horton, Travis Colangelo and Brett Murphy for all of their help and support over the years along with Mark Cook and Bad Man Racing Engines.

Ray Connolly and Cary Gill are also a key component of Josh's racing as they provide the shop where Josh races out of and are always there with help readying the race car

american race cars dragster dash  romer auto body dragster paint

Josh's new 2017 American Race Car has cutom paint applied by R&R Auto Body out of Ohio, with special thanks to Dave and Joe Romer.

The Bad Man 4.7x horsepower is fed through dual alcohol KB Carburetors from Karsten Blume.  A Randy Biddle Performance Powerglide and BTE Torque Converter transfer the power to an "all" Moser Engineering back end and is applied to Hoosier Tire's new BR1 Bracket Slick.

Brian Robinson at BTE, Faron Lubbers at Hoosier Tire and Rober Moser of Moser Engineering have supported Josh with premium parts since he started racing and as Josh stated "I have no reason to switch".

Josh was quick to point out when we spoke that this new project would not be possible without the continued support he receives from the mentioned people and companies.

custom paint dragster rear end housing

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