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NHRA Summit ET Finals - Northwest Division 6 Results
Woodburn, OR
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The Summit Racing Series was in town this past weekend at Woodburn Dragstrip in Woodburn, Ore. Dale Green and John Floyd Jr.raced to victory this past weekend. In addition, Andy Schlenker and Robert Steffen took top honors in the Summit Racing Series Race of Champions.

Local Super Pro runner Green of Covington took the starting line against Chris Jaggers, Middelton, Idaho in the final round. Green upended Jaggers, running 8.935 seconds, 163.54 mph. Jaggers followed at 7.833 seconds, 151.59 mph. The NHRA Northwest division received the Super Pro wildcard in the Summit Racing Series drawing earlier this season. Dale Green will represent the Northwest division in the Summit Racing National Championship.

Seattle Pro driver Greg Steen outlasted Canadian racer Andy Closkey in the final round. Steen and Closkey came in at 7.677 seconds, 173.31 mph and 8.612 seconds, 159.57 mph respectively.

The other drivers visiting the Summit ET Racing Series winner’s circle were: John Floyd Jr., in Sportsman; Mike Evans in ET Motorcycle; Sydney Jung in Junior Dragster Thunder; Cooper Chun in Junior Dragster Lightning; and Tyler Dobson in Junior Street.

Schlenker of Mobton outran his Oregon Rival Danny Wargnier of Keizer in the Super Pro final round Race of Champions on Saturday. Schlenker powered his way down the strip at 7.677 seconds, 173.31 mph, Wargnier 8.612 seconds, 159.57 mph. Steffen of Tumwater had an easy pass down the strip as Chris Stone, Mission, B.C. went red at the starting line in the Pro ET final round.

In Sportsman, it was Troy Johnston, Keyport, Wash.,who outlasted the competition knocking out Craig Johnson, Langley, B.C., with a pass of 12.174 seconds, 108.73 mph.

Riley Toth, Medicine Hat, Alb., ran 8.833 seconds, 147.78 mph surpassing Jeramy Reber, Rogue River,

Ore., in the ET Final Motorcycle final round securing his seed in the Summit ET Finals.

These four Race of Champion winners will advance to the NHRA Summit National Championship in November at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona to face off with the winners from the other six NHRA divisions for a winner take all national championship with over $100,000 up for grabs.

The other drivers visiting the Summit Race of Champions winner’s circle were; Thomas Vickers in High School; Hunter Jackson in Junior Street; Duncan Gray in Junior Dragster Thunder; and Zachary Gaetz in Junior Dragster Lightning.

The following are Sunday's final results from the 2017 NHRA Summit Racing Series Northwest Division

Finals at Woodburn Dragstrip:



Pacific Raceways          102

Woodburn Dragstrip      74

Portland Int’l Raceway   68

Renegade Raceway       61

Bremerton Raceway      50

Firebird Raceway           39

Mission Raceway           36

Spokane County            30

Walla Wall Drag Strip    27

MHDRA Dragstrip         26

Madras Dragstrip          25

Coos Bay Speedway     12

Champion Raceway         7

Lost Creek Raceway        3




Dale Green, Covington, Wash., '08 American, 8.935, 163.54  def. Chris Jaggers, Middelton, Idaho,

'02 Soran, 7.833, 151.59.


Greg Steen, Seattle, Wash., '89 S-10, 10.137, 129.60  def. Andy Closkey, Quesnel, B.C., '65

Chevelle, 10.085, 129.29.


John Floyd Jr., Gresham, Ore., '02 Chevy Pickup, 14.539, 87.97  def. Craig Johnson, Langley, B.C.,

'84 Cutlass, 12.110, 104.72.


Mike Evans, Mckenna, Wash., '87 Kawasaki, 8.833, 144.30  def. Jim Werre, Renton, Wash., '12

Kawasaki, foul.



Sydney Jung, Surrey, B.C., dragster, 9.218, 70.59  def. Parker Miller, Yakima, Wash., dragster,

9.098, 71.24.



Cooper Chun, Vancouver, Wash., dragster, 9.421, 69.41  def. Tanner Gaetz, Medicine Hat, Alb.,

dragster, 7.977, 79.35.



Tyler Dobson, Abbotsford, B.C., '70 Chevy C-10, 10.857, 64.48  def. Ella Flett, Tillamook, Ore.,

'95 Mustang, 10.053, 72.15.

The following are Saturday's final results from the 2017 NHRA Summit Racing Series Northwest

Division Race of Champions:


Andy Schlenker, Mabton, Wash., '09 Mullis, 7.677, 173.31  def. Danny Wargnier, Keizer, Ore., '72

Vega, 8.612, 159.57.


Robert Steffen, Tumwater, Wash., '78 Nova, 10.546, 126.08  def. Chris Stone, Mission, B.C., '68

Dart, foul.


Troy Johnston, Keyport, Wash., '72 Duster, 12.174, 108.73  def. Craig Johnson, Langley, B.C., '84

Cutlass, 12.138, 106.48.


Riley Toth, Medicine Hat, Alb., '02 Kawasaki Zx11, 8.833, 147.78  def. Jeramy Reber, Rogue River,

Ore., '98 Suzuki GSXR, 9.222, 139.68.


Thomas Vickers, Bremerton, Wash., '06 Tahoe, 12.024, 111.04  def. Riley Kirby, Coos Bay, Ore., '66

Mustang, foul.


Hunter Jackson, Happy Valley, Ore., '16 Tubdra, 10.337, 69.12  def. Cooper Chun, Vancouver, Wash.,

'05 Ford, foul.


Duncan Gray, Portland, Ore., dragster, 9.388, 70.29  def. Kiandra Gaetz, Medicine Hat, Alb.,

dragster, 9.053, 72.42.



Zachary Gaetz, Medicine Hat, Alb., dragster, 8.074, 79.04  def. Jazzy McGrew, Yakima, Wash.,

dragster, 7.970, 81.87.

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