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SFG Promotions - The New Bracket Racing Movement
Galatin, TN
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sfg promotions bracket racing

Unless you have been living under a rock the past year and a half then you know about the latest craze among the bracket racing community. SFG has taken the bracket racing world by storm by offering huge payouts for unheard of low entries. As a matter of fact, SFG has paid over 1.6 million dollars in winnings in its first full year of existence and will top that in 2018 with an even lower entry fee.

sfg promotions kyle riley“What is SFG and where did it come from?” you ask. SFG is the brain child of racer and promoter Kyle Riley. “I had a vision to offer racers the chance to race for big money that the average racer could not afford, but I give God all the credit for the idea because it was sent from God.” states Riley. Riley also adds, “Until SFG came about your average racer couldn’t afford the chance to run for 50k or 100k because it was out of their price range.

I wanted your everyday bracket racer to know what it feels like to stage up for that kind of money. A lot of people think I’m crazy, but I’ve always felt its better to give than toreceive. The racers have really supported SFG in its first year so I want to show them in 2018 that I really appreciate their support so I raised the payout and lowered the entry. Everyone will see the better SFG does the more the racer will benefit from our success.”

SFG has grown tremendously over the past year and has a huge amount of momentum going into the 2018 season as this week shows. SFG started taking pre-entries for our first event at Carolina Dragway in April 2018 on Tuesday, November 7th at 12 noon and the event sold out 500 cars in less than 7 hours. They will start taking entries for the second race in Martin, Michigan next Tuesday, November 14th at 12 noon and by the looks of it you better get in quick if you want to participate.

aj ashe drag racer

A new addition to the SFG team in 2018 is long time big money bracket racer and former B and M series owner and ADRL co-founder AJ Ashe. “I believe AJ is a great addition to what is already a strong team at SFG. His experience with big money races along with his strong marketing experience can definitely help SFG grow to the level I envision!” Riley added. AJ Ashe states” I really look forward to 2018 and my position with SFG. Kyle has a brilliant mind when it comes to race formats and promotion and I honestly believe with our two minds together we can give the racers the type of races and fun family experiences they’re looking for.

In 2018 we plan on having something for everyone in the family to enjoy themselves while attending our races. I greatly appreciate Kyle and the whole SFGfamily for presenting me with this opportunity!” So bracket racers you might want to mark your calendars and try to get to one or several SFG races this year and experience first hand what all the buzz is about. To enter for races and get information on upcoming SFG events go to sfgpromotions.com!

cameron manuel drag racer

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