Lavy, Cameron and Blakely Win Day 2 BTE/Citgo APD Texas Event
Denton, TX
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 (Sunday)Jessie Lavy had the luck with him Sunday in Afco S/Pro.  After getting the bye at three cars, Lavy from Denison Texas, got the win from Robbie Mayse when Mayse "Hung The Cherry."   What made it even better for Mayse is his car broke in the final.  The lone semi finalist was Bob Sackuvieh from Belton MO.  Earlier in the day, Dale Simon from Ft Worth Texas won the Barker Trailer Sales - Pace American Run For The Trailer.  Simon was also the MGM Best Appearing Car for the event.

In Dynatech Sportsman, Dennis Cameron from Mt Pleasant Texas, was in his second final of the weekend.  Dennis cashed this one in, defeating Cody Sandli's S-10 pick up in the final.  Cameron went dead on in the final with a 5.498 on a 5.49 for the win.

Earlier in the day, Eric Gray from Cheny Kansas, won the Run For The Trailer for the second day in a row.
In the Race Tech Jr Dragster class, Defending World Champion, Brittny Blakely won the run for the money and the race, defeating Saturday's winner Victor Mena.

In the Jegs Trophy class, Preacher Mark Walter from Centerville Georgia, defeated Tony Malone from Aubrey Texas.

The MGM Best Engineered Car was David Broadnaz's 63 Dodge from Irving Texas.

Saturday)Multi time NHRA Champ Scotty Richardson made his BTE/Citgo debut back in his old stomping grounds of Texas.  Richardson tried to pull off the double victories in both Afco S/Pro and Dynatech Sportsman. 

 The road to the final was easy with three red lights a bye and break in the final by Dennis Cameron.  The Win for Richardson paid double after promoters Danny Sons and Chris Barker made the popular decision to double the winners purse even though the car count fell several cars short of the double bonus.  "We wanted to show the racers of Texas that we mean business and that we want to put on a great races for them.  We appreciate the great support we have seen in Division 4 from all the the racers and tracks", stated Sons.
In Dynatech Sportsman, David Burrows from Texas, put a .504 light, dead on with a four on the board to defeat Richardson who was .549 on the tree and three off.

Earlier in the day, Freddie Lewellen from San Angelo, drove his Opel to the win in the Pace American / Barker Trailer Sales - Run For The Trailer for Afco S/Pro.
Eric Gray from Cheney Kansas won the Dynatech Sportsman Run For The Trailer.
In Race Tech Jr Dragster Brittny Blakely from New Mexico was the Race Tech Run For The Money Winner.

(Photos By Foto Motion)

Friday)The Texas stampede Event at Denton Texas presented By APD Carbs out of Ohio got off to a hot start Friday night.  In a high roller gambler event, JJ Endicott from Haltom City Texas, defeated Steve Adams in the final for the $1040 payday.  In the final Adams left before the Tree was activated.  The semi finalist were Scott Richardson from Tennessee and Steve Bien from Texas.  Day 1 action of the Dynatech division 4 event resumes this morning with gates opening at 9AM.


(Denton TX) The BTE/Citgo Series Texas Stampede, presented by Advanced Product Design, is coming to Denton Dragway in Denton, Texas April 1-3 for BIG MONEY Bracket Racing. S/Pro pays $5000 to win with 100 cars ($2500

guaranteed) and Sportsman pays $2000 a day with 100 cars ($1000 guaranteed). Also, K&R First Round Challenge money is up for grabs, as well as the Barker Trailer / Pace Run for the Trailer money. Jr. Dragsters are welcome, and there will be a Jeg’s Trophy class. Parking, test and tune and a gambler’s race will be Friday. Saturday and Sunday are points racing days. This will be the fifth of 27 events in the Citgo Race Tech / Nesbitt World Championship Points Series and the second Dynatech Division Four event. For more information on this event or series, contact, or call Danny Sons (615-643-8279), or Chris Barker (606-780-4700).

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