Medford Megabucks - Richest Race in Oregon
Medford, OR
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Champion Raceway held its fist “Medford Megabucks” race on May 29-31. The three day race was presented by JEG’S and Bi-Mart. There was $50,000 in prize money and $7000 in JEG’S dollars which made this one of the richest drag races in Oregon. The $10,000 top prize that was awarded on Saturday was the largest payout to a drag racer in Oregon history. It attracted racers from all over the west and Canada. The first day of racing produced some great drag racing that climaxed with a $5000 win check that went to Andy Morris who was able to take out Bill Maness. Bill was on a great pass when his dragster lost power at the 1000 foot cone.




The next class was our Pro Bracket with a $2000 to win. Some more great racing took place here and as the field got smaller the win check went to Nick Shepard from Tigard, Oregon over a very tough Paul Cameau from Vancouver, Washington. With that race day over we started on day two where the checks got a lot bigger. In out Super Pro category things got hot and heavy again. Some more very closely contested racing took place all day Saturday, but at the end of the day the richest check ever presented to a Drag Racer in Oregon went to Mark Colton from North Bend, Or. Wheel to wheel at the finish was runner up Andy Morris.


In our pro bracket on Saturday some more very close racing took place. When the win light came on, it was David Chun Jr. from Vancouver, WA taking the $4000 check. The runner up was Pete Schenider. Both of these guys were able to wade through a lot of great racers. That brings us up to day three of this great event presented by JEG’S and Bi-Mart. By this time all of the racers had a real good base line on the track and the racing was closer than anyone could imagine.


As the day wound down it came time for the finals in Super Pro. As the win light came on, it was a very happy Don Gatlin from Bakersfield, Ca, taking home the $5000 check. The runner up check went to Dustin Hentges driving a Morris Racing Dragster. In the Pro Bracket it came down to two great racers. One already had a runner-up and would like to add a win to his weekend. But there was a very tough guy by the name of Kory Alby who stood in his way. Kory took home the $2000 check with a win light of .0001 over Paul Comeau. It was the closest race of the weekend and ended the richest drag race in Oregon. To complement a great weekend all racers and crew were treated to a great BBQ Saturday night sponsored by Food-4-Less market and Champion Raceway. To our great crew that keep the track in great shape, there were no cones hit, no accidents, and no oil downs through the entire race. It just couldn’t get any better. JEG’S bucks were handed out all weekend for Best Win Package, Best Losing Package, First Perfect Light, Hard luck, and bonus money. I am sure all of the racers and crew were very happy and will be back to do it again next year.

JEG’S Dollars for best package went to: Dennis Robinson, David Myre, Chuck Herndon, Curt Landis, John Whitmore, David Chun Sr, and Pete Scheider.  JEG’S dollars for best losing package went to: Jeff Devey, Tom Pappas, John Tobias, Sarah Winiata, Jeremy McGhee, Steve Casner, John Maul, and Melissa Wright. JEG’S dollars went to John Whitmore and Tom Pappas for perfect lights. The Hard Luck JEG’S Bucks went to Phill Greer.


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