Northeast Open Comp Blasts Into 2012 With Expanded Schedule
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Northeast Open Comp

Ready, Set, Launch.. Northeast Open Comp blasts into the 2012 racing season with an expanded schedule and a prize purse valued at well over $2,500 to the NY State Champion!

Starting as a gathering of just 3 racers on a spring evening in 2009, John Hummel's dream of providing drag racers all across Western and Central NY an exciting form of "pro tree" racing that was designed to be very affordable and extremely competitive was born.. Now just three short years later, Northeast Open Comp has become NY States fastest growing drag racing series offering drag racers one of the most lucrative purses (Over $2,500 in cash and prizes to the 2012 NY State Champion) that the sport has to offer!

In 2012 the racing series will be split into two points divisions, a Northern division that will host events at both Dunn Tire Raceway Park (Lancaster, NY)and Spencer Speedway (Ontario,NY), plus a Southern Division that will have racing events at Skyview Drags (Tioga Center, NY)!

At the end of the season the two points division leaders will face off on October 7 at Skyview Drags  Halloween Classic, to see who will be crowned the 2012 NY State Grand Champion and win over $2,500 in cash and prizes that come with the prestigious title!
What is Open Comp drag racing?

Open Comp drag racing is a hybrid version of the popular form of bracket racing. The two basic differences are the first and foremost the driver leaves off a pro tree start as opposed to a sportsman tree. The pro tree forces a driver to really have to test their driving skills, and hone up on their reaction times! The second big difference is that instead of a driver having the luxury of choosing their own dial in (predicting how fast their car will run) drivers will be given an index based upon their cars performance during qualifying! The index is typically shaving off a full tenth or two tents of a second from their fastest qualifying time! This index forces the driver to have to concentrate and react quickly on the starting line! In addition it completely removes the "comfort zone" that a typical bracket racer has when the choose their own "Dial In", and forces the driver to race all out to the finish line and the victory! When you combine the pro tree start with the faster index, it makes Open Comp racing a much more exciting and challenging form of drag racing when it is compared to your typical bracket race.

Four Exciting New Programs for the racers in 2012!

E3"ZE" YOUR WAY TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP Program! where each race event winner will win a complete set of E3 Spark Plugs!
Cool Shirts "Cool Bucks" Program! Cool Shirts will be presenting $100 in "Cool Bucks" to both the Number One Qualifier, and also the event winner at each race event winner!

Ultimate Converter's 0 Light Award! Every Driver that has a perfect reaction time .000 or .500 based upon the timing system, will have their name placed into a drawing for a $250 Gift Certificate!

Best Appearing Award! The best appearing car at each race will win a car care prize package from Stoner Car Care Products!

2012 Northeast Open Comp Schedule

May 19 Skyview Drags Tioga Center, NY
June 2 Spencer Speedway Ontario NY
June 15 Dunn Tire Raceway Park Lancaster, NY
June 21 Skyview Drags Tioga Center, NY
July 7 Spencer Speedway Ontario NY
July 21 Skyview Drags Tioga Center, NY
August 4 Spencer Speedway Ontario, NY
August 10 Dunn Tire Raceway Park Lancaster, NY
August 25 Skyview Drags Tioga Center, NY
October 6 Skyview Drags Tioga Center, NY
October 7 NY STATE CHAMPIONSHIP RUN OFF @ Skyview Drags Tioga Center, NY

"I am so proud of how the series has grown so fast" States Hummel " I take a personal interest in making sure that every racer has an enjoyable time competing with us at the track." For additional information about the Northeast Open Comp Racing Series including rules, membership information, and sponsorship opportunity's please Visit


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