Brian Folk Named New Track Manager at Byron Dragway
Byron, IL
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Byron Dragway



Since July 4th, 1964, Byron Dragway has evolved into a great facility for friends, fans and racing families to enjoy their passion and memories. To us Byron Dragway has never been a job. It has always been our recreation and our hobby to see our fans and racers enjoying what they love as well. With the help of Ron Leek and all of our employees, my family and I have had the pleasure to keep this facility growing since day one in hopes of continuing a bright future for Byron Dragway. In order to keep the drag strip growing and prospering for our many fans and loyal racers, we are planning some positive changes for the coming 2013 season. 
I have been involved with Byron Dragway for 38 years and have learned all aspects of the facility to keep our racers and fans coming back for decades. However, I would like to enjoy this hobby of ours as well and be allowed some more free time to enjoy what we all love. My family and I would like to spend more time together on weekends racing, fishing, camping, etc. So, I have learned that it is time for me to find a few potential prospects in order to see the facility continue to grow and prosper.  That’s why we need your help. I would want nothing more than to see Byron Dragway continue its journey in the future and grow, but we need the help of our many fans, racers, and friends in order to make this possible. The key to seeing this facility stay open and running is finding a few loyal solid investors that want the best for Byron Dragway.
We need you to assist us on this path we’re on for the drag strip’s future. This facility is our home and the home to hundreds of our racers and fans. That’s why we are turning to all of you to help make this attainable. We want to make Byron be the best in the U.S. Some of the initial 2013 planned improvements are new scoreboards, tower and
               For the coming 2013 season, I am honored to inform all of you that we have graciously hired a new manager, Brian Folk, (see bio) in assisting the drag strip’s endeavors as we move into the future. Brian has been drag racing for 23 years. His family and company Folk Race Cars have been in the drag racing scene for many years. We feel Brian will have more than what it takes to see Byron Dragway flourish in the near future. With Brian’s help and ideas for success, we will be able keep this facility in top notch quality.
Respectfully Submitted
BJ & Rhonda Vangsness


I, Brian Folk, am happy to announce my new job position at Byron Dragway as
Track manager. Many of you people know me as a family run business employee and hardcore racer, in which you are correct. Yes I am still going to support my family run business of Folk Race Cars LLC. In any way possible by delivering parts and pieces to the track or drop shipping as I have done in the past. Please continue to contact the shop where my Dad, Ron, my Mom, Vicky, or my brother, Nick will keep things headed in a positive way for our shop.
As for racing I will continue to race, but at a much lesser Degree. I will now get one weekend off a month along with racing pre and post Byron racing season.  However, I will no longer be chasing points in IHRA,
NHRA or local track championships.
I am looking forward to building on my lifetime of racing, along with my
years at Folk Race Cars. Please feel free to contact me in regards to the
race track via phone, fax, email or the old fashion way by talking and asking questions one on one. I hope by using my associate business degree from Rockford Business College along with racing contacts. We will take team Byron to the next level and welcome any suggestions from you to explore future options. BJ, Rhonda and track staff will ensure a smooth transition into this new future endeavor. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the 2013 season.


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