NHRALucas Oil Drag Racing Series Results - Heartland Park Todpeka
Topeka, KS
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The NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series visited the quarter mile strip in a Double-Header Weekend presented by Aeromotive at Heartland Park Topeka with hundreds of racers competing in head to head competition. Winners were recognized in Top Alcohol Dragster, Top Alcohol Funny Car, Comp Eliminator, Super Stock and the rest of the classes that make up the nationwide series.

The Top Alcohol Dragster and Top Alcohol Funny Car finals provided fans with clear cut victories. Spencer Massey, Fort Worth, Texas, posted an easy victory as he ran unopposed at the light. John Lombardo Jr., Brea, Calif. handily defeated Kris Hool, Evansville, Wyo. Lombardo ran 5.517 seconds, 267.59 mph to defeat Hool, 5.673 seconds, 256.55 mph.

The weekend produced two double header winners. Nick Folk and Beau Drexler won their respective classes on Friday and Sunday in Super Comp and Sportsman Motorcycle Presented Harley-Davidson. Folk, Durand, Ill., 8.917, 169.98 defeated Doug Wegner, Broken Arrow, Okla., 8.892, 172.56 to take his second win of the weekend. On Friday, Folk ran 8.934, 166.05 to eek out a victory over Riley Ledbetter, Argyle, Texas, 8.932, 170.02.

Drexler defeated Cody Duffield, Charles City, Iowa, on both days. On Friday Drexler, ran 8.433, 132.18 to Duffield’s, 8.861, 134.03. On Sunday, the Lakewood, Colo., rider went 8.450, 147.33 to beat out Duffield’s 9.011, 141.82.

Fans were also treated to exciting races in the Comp and Stock eliminator final rounds. Craig Bourgeois, Metairie, La., ran 7.594, 128.14 to defeat Terry Ticel, Lawrence, Kan., who failed to get off the line due to a foul in the Comp Eliminator finale. In the Stock Eliminator finale, Johnny Diekema, Blue Grass, Iowa, ran past Austin Williams, Burleson, Texas. Diekema posted 10.039, 130.45, to Williams who went 11.354, 109.93.

The other drivers visiting the winner's circle were Michael Compton, Neosho, Mo., in Super Stock; Bill Cawsey, Regina, Sask., in Super Gas; Chris Le Blanc, Pearland, Texas, in Super Street; Larry Demers, Carroll, Iowa, in the Jerry Haas Racecars Top Sportsman; and Brad Basgall, Hays, Kan., in Fineline / Madcap Top Dragster.

The winners in the Super Shootout were Kevin Moore, Littleton, Colo., in Super Gas Shootout; Wade Metzinger, Catoosa, Okla., in Super Street Shootout; and Donald Leisdon, Bloomington, Minn., in Super Comp Shootout.
NHRA West Central Division racers travel to Brainerd International Raceway for back to back weekends with the Lucas Oil divisional, August 13-14, followed by the Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals the following weekend, August 18-21.

The following are the final results from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series West Central Division presented by Aeromotive at Heartland Park Topeka:

Round 1
4) Gary Cooper, Wichita, Kan., 6.649, 251.25 def. 3) Megan Meyer, Spring Hill, Kan., 12.609, 70.79;
6) Terry Schmidt, Tuttle, Okla., 5.914, 237.34 def. 1) Rachel Meyer, Spring Hill, Kan., 8.495, 139.60;
2) Spencer Massey, Fort Worth, Texas, 5.714, 262.74 def. 5) Dean Dubbin, Royalton, Minn., 11.993, 64.86;

Massey, 5.467, 271.30 def. Cooper, 5.431, 260.81.
Bye, def. Schmidt, broke.

Spencer Massey, Fort Worth, Texas, took the green light, was unopposed.

Round 1
1) Jonnie Lindberg, Upplands Vausby, Sweden, '16 Camaro, 5.552, 263.00 def. 8) Kirk Williams, Glenwood, Iowa, '04 Firebird, foul;
2) Nick Januik, Las Vegas, Nev., '16 Camaro, 5.604, 262.13 def. 7) Bryan Brown, Gainesville, Texas, '16 Camaro, 6.342, 168.72;
3) Kris Hool, Evansville, Wyo., '16 Camaro, 5.743, 254.81 def. 6) Jeff Jones, Weatherford, Texas, '10 Monte Carlo, 5.749, 255.82;
5) John Lombardo Jr., Brea, Calif., '16 Camaro, 5.631, 263.51 def. 4) Bill Bernard, Littleton, Colo.,'09 Mustang, foul.

Lombardo Jr., 5.528, 266.53 def. Lindberg, 5.575, 264.29;
Hool, 5.658, 256.84 def. Januik, 5.818, 204.39.

John Lombardo Jr., Brea, Calif., '16 Camaro, 5.517, 267.59 def.
Kris Hool, Evansville, Wyo., '16 Camaro, 5.673, 256.55.

Craig Bourgeois, Metairie, La., dragster, B/ND, 7.594, 128.14 def.
Terry Ticel, Lawrence, Kan., '09 GXP, G/AA, foul.

Michael Compton, Neosho, Mo., '92 Camaro, SS/BS, 9.169, 138.58 def.
Justin Jenkins, Beatrice, Neb., '10 Cobalt, GT/CA, 9.771, 122.42.

Johnny Diekema, Blue Grass, Iowa, '65 Corvette, AA/S, 10.039, 130.45 def.
Austin Williams, Burleson, Texas, '72 Duster, F/SA, 11.354, 109.93.

Nick Folk, Durand, Ill., '13 American, 8.917, 169.98 def.
Doug Wegner, Broken Arrow, Okla., '10 TNT, 8.892, 172.56.

Bill Cawsey, Regina, Sask., '09 Mustang, 9.889, 159.17 def.
Kevin Dyck, E. St. Paul, Manit., '12 Corvette, 9.889, 155.65.

Chris Le Blanc, Pearland, Texas, '67 Corvette, 10.880, 143.72 def.
Dan Bain, Henderson, Nev., '68 Camaro, 10.873, 128.24.

Larry Demers, Carroll, Iowa, '06 Cobalt, 7.293, 187.70 def.
Tom Schmidt, Lindstrom, Minn., '09 GXP, 6.997, 198.29.

Brad Basgall, Hays, Kan., dragster, 6.628, 202.27 def.
Phil Unruh, McPherson, Kan., dragster, 6.458, 214.45.

Beau Drexler, Lakewood, Colo., '90 Kawasaki, 8.450, 147.33 def.
Cody Duffield, Charles City, Iowa, '84 Suzuki, 9.011, 141.82.

Wade Metzinger, Catoosa, Okla., '71 Barracuda, 10.859, 138.00 def.
Tony Leonard, Hasting, Minn., '70 Nova, foul.

Kevin Moore, Littleton, Colo., '34 Chevrolet, 9.881, 162.02 def.
Don Westra, St Cloud, Minn., '61 Corvette, foul.

Donald Leisdon, Bloomington, Minn., '97 Spitzer, 8.892, 166.05 def.
Dennis Ridgeway, Cerro Gordo, Ill., '07 Dragster, 8.889, 166.44.

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