NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Results - The Strip at Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV
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RACE 2 Results of the Double Divisional

The NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series took to The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the final two divisional events over five days of racing action. When the dust settled, two drivers had clinched NHRA Lucas Oil World Championships, Top Sportsman and Top Dragster presented by Racing TV’s champions were crowned, both Top Fuel and Pro Fuel championships were decided in the NHRA Harley-Davidson Drag Racing Series and Lucas Oil Regional and Divisional Championships were finalized across the country.

Nick Folk and Mia Tedesco wrapped up their Lucas Oil championships in Super Comp and Super Gas respectively. Folk held on to his points lead as Steve Williams and Christopher Dodd lost in early rounds while Tedesco was crowned when Tommy Philips and Brad Pierce dropped out.

Mike Williams took the top spot in Top Sportsman presented by Racing RV’s when he won the first event of the weekend then locked up the championship with a runner up finish to Roy Cracraft who took the event title on Sunday. Jeff Strickland covered the field in Top Dragster to win both the Top Dragster presented by Racing RV’s Championship and the event title. Strickland over took Steve Furr in the points and held off Matt Driskell in the chase. Strickland defeated Tony Jardino in Sunday’s final.

Strickland also leads the Stock Eliminator Lucas Oil Championship with Brad Burton still in the hunt going into this coming weekend’s Auto Club NHRA Finals in Pomona, Calif.

In the Harley-Davidson Drag Racing Series, Jay Turner put an exclamation point on his championship season as he also took home the event win at The Strip beating Rickey House in the final round. Janette Thornley defended her championship in Pro Fuel from a year ago with a semifinal finish to hold off Dennis Fisher in the points

More than 800 racers were also battling for event wins with Jackie Fricke and Doug Gordon leading the charge in the Top Alcohol classes.

Fricke would face off with Jonny Ahten in an east versus west final in Top Alcohol Dragster. Fricke, Flemington, N.J., clocked in at 5.367 seconds, 274.33 mph to beat Ahten, Santa Clarita, Calif., to the finish line. Ahten posted a runner up pass of 5.415 seconds, 261.32 mph.

Doug Gordon of Paso Robles, Calif., followed up his victory on Thursday with another resounding victory over Shane Westerfield of Anaheim, Calif., in the Top Alcohol Funny Car final. Gordon made a winning pass of 5.587 seconds, 263.10 mph as Westerfield’s had problems and slowed as he watched Gordon take the win.

Doug Lambeck, Northridge, Calif., battled through a tough Comp Eliminator field to win following his runner up effort on Wednesday. Tony Mandella, Riverside, Calif., took the early lead but Lambeck was able to go around him and take the stripe for the win. Lambeck’s win was recorded at 8.497, 151.83 to Mandella’s runner up pass at 8.536, 153.70.

In Harley-Davidson Series action, Quinn Olson joined Turner in the winner’s circle taking the win in Pro Fuel over Bill Bentz. Olson clocked in at 7.423, 178.71 to Bentz’s 7.510 at 175.78. Turner covered the quarter-mile in 6.369 seconds, 223.02 mph in his win over Rickey House. Hometown rider Kahea Woods came in at 8.827, 147.18 to defeat Pete Miclette Sr, Garberville, Calif., 8.860, 147.02 in Sportsman Motorcycle presented by Harley-Davidson.

The other drivers visiting the Lucas Oil winners’ circle were David Rampy in Super Stock; Chris Hall in Stock; Tim Parker in Super Comp; Val Torres Jr., in Super Gas; and Greg Ventura in Super Street. In the Harley Series, Charles Whitfield won in Pro Gas Harley; Larry Fore in Draggin' Bagger; Augustine Herrera in Hot Street; Donnie Doubleday in Street Pro; and Roberta Seaman in Screamin’Eagle Performance Harley.

The following are final results from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, Pacific Division at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway:

Round 1
4) Don St. Arnaud, Edmonton, Alb., 5.480, 267.27 def. 5) Joey Severance, Woodburn, Ore., broke;
1) Jackie Fricke, Flemington, N.J., 5.286, 275.79 def. 8) Shawn Cowie, Surrey, B.C., 10.914, 70.30;
3) Chris Demke, Tujunga, Calif., 5.365, 266.58 def. 6) Bobby Cottrell, Whittier, Calif., 5.429, 270.27;
7) Johnny Ahten, Santa Clarita, Calif., 5.511, 257.43 def. 2) Garrett Bateman, Albany, Ore., 8.171, 77.55;

Ahten, 5.393, 261.37 def. Demke, 5.915, 158.09
Fricke, 5.343, 274.94 def. St. Arnaud, broke;

Fricke, 5.367, 274.33 def. Ahten, 5.415, 261.32.

Round 1
8) Shane Westerfield, Anaheim, Calif., '16 Camaro, 5.560, 266.53 def. 1) DJ Cox Jr., Whiteford, Md., '16 Camaro, 8.915, 88.12;
2) Annie Whiteley, Grand Junction, Colo., '15 Camaro, 5.579, 267.00 def. 7) Nick Januik, Las Vegas, Nev., '16 Camaro, 5.856, 242.76;
3) Doug Gordon, Paso Robles, Calif., '15 Camaro, 5.792, 257.48 def. 6) Johan Lindberg, Upplands Vasby, Sweden, '13 Monte Carlo, 5.739, 256.45;
5) Terry Ruckman, Grand Junction, Colo., '16 Camaro, 5.745, 259.36 def. 4) John Lombardo Jr., Brea, Calif., '15 Camaro, 9.802, 102.30;

Westerfield, 5.561, 266.11 def. Ruckman, 5.584, 262.44
Gordon, 5.571, 262.28 def. Whiteley, 5.555, 267.27;

Gordon, 5.587, 263.10 def. Westerfield, 11.341, 73.07.

Doug Lambeck, Sunfire, 8.497, 151.83 def. Tony Mandella, S-10, 8.536, 153.70.

David Rampy, Camaro, 11.205, 93.52 def. Jerry Emmons, Cavalier, Foul - Red Light.

Chris Hall, Camaro, 10.701, 117.48 def. Brian McClanahan, Camaro, Foul - Red Light.

Tim Parker, Dragster, 9.057, 176.90 def. Larry Scarth, Cavalier, 9.043, 173.16.

Val Torres Jr., Corvette, 10.057, 157.83 def. Mike Lang, Corvette, 10.025, 148.72.

Greg Ventura, Chevy II, 11.058, 138.53 def. John Bycroft, Dart, 11.017, 130.80.

Jeff Strickland, Dragster, 6.452, 200.68 def. Tony Jardino, Dragster, 6.810, 197.02.

Roy Cracraft, Corvette, 7.680, 178.05 def. Mike Williams, GXP, 7.074, 192.77.

Kahea Woods, GSXR, 8.827, 147.18 def. Pete Miclette Sr, Suzuki, 8.860, 147.02.

Jay Turner, Harley, 6.369, 223.02 def. Rickey House, VTS, Foul - Centerline.

Quinn Olson, HRP, 7.423, 178.71 def. Bill Bentz, Fastcat, 7.510, 175.78.

Charles Whitfield, HD, 10.112, 138.50 def. Ron Roti, HD, 11.843, 116.42.

Larry Fore, Road Glide, 11.378, 117.12 def. Ken Winsor, FLHT, 12.104, 106.65.

Augustine Herrera, Harley V-Rod, 11.333, 123.15 def. Larry Fore, V-Rod, 11.589, 118.11.

Donnie Doubleday, FXR, 9.090, 148.54 def. Augustine Herrera, Harley, 9.854, 123.80.

Roberta Seaman, Buell, 10.769, 117.62 def. John Cabral, V-Rod, 10.630, 114.77.

RACE 1 Results of the Double Divisional

Champions were recognized yesterday for the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, Pacific Division Race number one at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Top Alcohol Dragster, Funny Car, Comp, Super Stock, Super Gas, Sportsman Motorcycle presented by Harley-Davidson, and the rest of the classes that encompass the nationwide series were all in action for the rain delayed event from earlier this year. Racers in all classes will now begin qualifying and time trials for the second half of the double header weekend.

Two time Top Alcohol Dragster Champion Joey Severance, Woodburn, Ore., solidified his top standing in the TAD class with a resounding victory over Shawn Cowie, Surrey,B.C. Severance registered a winning pass of 5.327 seconds, 269.67 mph, Cowie finished second at 5.493 seconds, 222.51 mph.

In Top Alcohol Funny Car finale, Doug Gordon, Paso Robles, Calif., 5.527 seconds, 264.96 mph narrowly defeated Terry Ruckman, Grand Junction, Colo., 5.571 seconds, 264.13 mph.

Alan Ellis of Mapleton, Utah., faced off against Doug Lambeck of Irvine, Calif., in Comp Eliminator. Lambeck got the advantage off the line but Ellis was able to run him down and grab the victory. Ellis made a winning pass of 6.662 196.64. Lambeck made a runner up pass of 8.530, 142.48.

Lambeck was not done yet though as he also advanced to the final in Stock Eliminator against fellow Californian Larry Gilley of Hilmar. Gilley gained the starting line advantage, but took too much stripe to give Lambeck the win. Lambeck wins his 19th Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Wally and his first in Stock. Lambeck registered a winning pass of 10.352, 120.03 to Gilley’s 11.007, 117.71.

In Super Comp, Steve Williams kept his Lucas Oil World Championship hopes alive by knocking out Marko Pervolaris with a pass of 9.381, 159.61 to Perivolaris’s., 9.419, 166.33 out of Petaluma, Calif.

The Top Sportsman final round was Ed Olpin, Pleasant Grove, Utah who took a small advantage off the line but Mike Williams, Tilley, Alb., was able to go by him and take the stripe for the win. Williams clocked in at 7.058, 192.38, as Olpin made a runner up pass of 7.155, 193.71. Meghan Molinari, Battleground, Wash., scored her first career victory as she ran down Jeremy Rapp, Las Vegas, in the Top Dragster final round. Molinari came in at 6.760, 194.49 as Rapp followed up with 7.455, 177.16.

The audience at Las Vegas Motor Speedway saw hometown racer, Leo Shaver out run Eric Jaquith, Queen Creek, Ariz., in the Sportsman Motorcycle final round presented by Harley-Davidson. Shaver hit 8.915, 147.84 as Jaquith followed with 9.531, 136.10.

The other drivers visiting the Lucas Oil winner's circle were Ed DeStaute in Super Gas; Jody Lang in Super Stock; and John Dexter in Super Street.

The following are final results from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, Pacific Division event number one at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway:

Round 1

4) Chris Demke, Tujunga, Calif., 8.125, 104.35 def. 5) Derik Milanesio, Strathmore, Calif., broke;
1) Joey Severance, Woodburn, Ore., 5.370, 266.21 def. 8) Don St. Arnaud, Edmonton, Alb., foul;
3) Shawn Cowie, Surrey, B.C., 5.360, 268.22 def. 6) Johnny Ahten, Santa Clarita, Calif., 7.640, 116.72;
2) Ashley Sanford, Fullerton, Calif., 5.506, 267.96 def. 7) Megan McKernan, Sierra Madre, Calif., 5.722, 230.69;

Severance, 5.366, 267.96 def. Demke, 5.399, 266.27
Cowie, 5.372, 267.75 def. Sanford, 5.432, 261.12

Severance, 5.327, 269.67 def. Cowie, 5.493, 222.51.

Round 1

3) Annie Whiteley, Grand Junction, Colo., '15 Camaro, 5.551, 267.64 def. 6) Steve Gasparrelli, West Covina, Calif., '15 Camaro, 6.100, 158.45;
5) Doug Gordon, Paso Robles, Calif., '15 Camaro, 5.569, 262.08 def. 4) Shane Westerfield, Anaheim, Calif., '16 Camaro, 5.619, 263.56;
1) John Lombardo Jr., Brea, Calif., '15 Camaro, 5.510, 266.79 def. 8) Jirka Kaplan, Calgary, Alb., '16 Camaro, broke;
7) Terry Ruckman, Grand Junction, Colo., '11 Monte Carlo, 5.675, 259.46 def. 9) Jay Payne, Claremont, Calif., '16 Camaro, 10.163, 83.58;

Ruckman, 5.617, 261.98 def. Whiteley, 5.603, 232.99
Gordon, 5.556, 265.43 def. Lombardo Jr., 5.703, 265.33;

Gordon, 5.527, 264.96 def. Ruckman, 5.571, 264.13.

Alan Ellis, Mapleton, Utah, '23 roadster, A/AP, 6.662, 196.64 def. Doug Lambeck, Irvine, Calif., '08 Sunfire, D/SMA, 8.530, 142.48.

Jody Lang, Puyallup, Wash., '81 Malibu, GT/KA, 11.855, 86.96 def. Leo Glasbrenner, Chino, Calif., '96 Pontiac, GT/CA, foul.

Doug Lambeck, Northridge, Calif., '69 Camaro, A/SA, 10.352, 120.03 def. Larry Gilley, Hilmar, Calif., '69 Dart, E/SA, 11.007, 117.71.

Steve Williams, Beaumont, Calif., dragster, 9.381, 159.61 def. Marko Perivolaris, Petaluma, Calif., dragster, 9.419, 166.33.

Ed DeStaute, Rosemead, Calif., '62 Corvette, 10.057, 130.00 def. Clint Fishel, Phoenix, Ariz., '88 Beretta, foul.

John Dexter, Morrison, Colo., '68 Camaro, 11.066, 139.08 def. Ryan Herem, Canyon Country, Calif., '69 Camaro, 11.034, 146.37.

Mike Williams, Tilley, Alb., '09 GXP, 7.058, 192.38 def. Ed Olpin, Pleasant Grove, Utah, '68 Camaro, 7.155, 193.71.

Meghan Molinari, Battle Ground, Wash., '12 M&M, 6.760, 194.49 def. Jeremy Rapp, Las Vegas, Nev., dragster, 7.455, 177.16.

Leo Shaver, Las Vegas, Nev., '87 Kawasaki, 8.915, 147.84 def. Eric Jaquith, Queen Creek, Ariz., '06 Suzuki, 9.531, 136.10.

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