Spring Fling Brand Expands to 3 Events for 2017
Maspeth, NY
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 For the past seven years, Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel’s Spring Fling brand of bracket races have consistently over-delivered and provided racers with the best experience any racer could ask for. Yet it seemed like, after each action-packed event, racers were always wanting for more of the same. For the past few years the co-promoters have quietly searched high and low for the right facility and time of year with the premise of expanding the Spring Fling brand to a third event.


“When our racers come into a Spring Fling event, they are expecting a one-of-a-kind experience at a premier facility,” Biondo explained. “So, Kyle and I have searched high and low for the right facility and time of year and have put a ‘Fling schedule and payout structure in place for 2017 that I think racers are going to love.”


The first part of this ‘Fling expansion is the moving of the Bristol Spring Fling to a more favorable time of year weather-wise. “We love Bristol and want to stay there, yet we felt it was important to find a time of year that Bristol had better weather so that our racers can fully enjoy the experience we have to offer,” explained Seipel. “Long term, the fall in Bristol will provide more favorable weather for the Fling’s race structure.” The Bristol ‘Fling will now be named the Fall Fling and will take place Sept 26-30, 2017. To add to the excitement, Biondo and Seipel have bumped the Guaranteed ‘Fling purses from 20k-20k-20k up to 20k-50k-20k.


fall fling bracket race 


The moving of the Bristol event from the spring to fall also signaled the next big move for ‘Fling expansion. Biondo and Seipel realized how important it was to keep the Spring Fling event alive, and in 2017, will be moving the Bristol ‘Spring Fling’ to Galot Motorsports Park in North Carolina. One of the newest and most modern facilities in the country, Galot Motorsports Park is conveniently located just off I-95 making it an easy drive for traveling racers.


spring fling galot


Biondo explains, “This facility fits well with our brand as it’s another premier facility that our racers are accustomed to when racing at our Spring Fling events. Kyle and I were blown away with how nice a facility it is.”

galot motorsports park


The Spring Fling at Galot will take place May 2-6, 2017. This event will also feature the new 2017 ‘Fling purse increase of 20k-50k-20k, as well as all the added extras that come with every Spring Fling event.


More big news about all three Flings is that all races will now be competed on the eighth-mile mile. “As much as we love the 1000-foot compromise concept, Peter and I weren’t comfortable with having to switch distances back and forth when the conditions called for it,” said Seipel. “By committing 100-percent to eighth-mile, our racers know exactly what to expect when we open the gates and can get comfortable with a set driving style.” All of the formats that made the ‘Fling popular will remain in effect at all three events including door cars being run completely separate from dragsters, TruSTART, and huge manufacturer giveaways.


spring fling million 2017


First up though is going to be the biggest ‘Fling of them all; the Spring Fling Million in Las Vegas, April 11-15. Here, west coast racers have plenty to be excited about with the life changing payouts along with a ‘Fling/Vegas experience that is second to none. But as if that wasn’t enough, Biondo and Seipel also decided to bump up the Wed-Thur-Sat payouts to three $20,000-to-win events surrounding the main Spring Fling Million race. As always, the Spring Fling Million main event will prove to be the most exciting of them all, as it has the progressive purse and will pay $500,000 to the winner at 400 cars and $1,000,000 to the winner if the car count goes above 550 cars.


One thing for sure, in 2017 all three ‘Fling Events promise to again deliver a racer experience at premier venues that arguably has never been matched by any other event in bracket racing history.


For more information take a look at our video explaining the changes and excitement for 2017, https://youtu.be/5jxO6jObxAI.

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