AutoMeter Announces Extended Line of Data Acquisition Pressure Senders
Sycamore, IL
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AutoMeter just announced a new line of senders aimed squarely at the Data Acquisition and EFI markets. Leveraging their track-proven solid state design, these 0-5v pressure transducers offer unparalleled accuracy and durability at a fraction of the cost of the competition. Bucking the trend of locked down, proprietary parts, these new senders will work with nearly every popular data acquisition and fuel management system. Whether it's an AutoMeter, RacePak, Holley, Motec, or nearly any other brand, you can now get the most trusted transducers available without burning your budget.

autometer pressure sensors

Each 0-5v transducer is built with superior quality featuring a stainless steel construction, 3-wire connector, and a 1/8" NPT threaded male fitting. Compatible with a wide array of fluid types including but not limited to water, gasoline, ethanol, methanol, diesel, air, nitrous oxide, and brake fluid. The extended line of products include a 0-75psi, 0-150psi, 0-300psi, and 0-500psi pressure transducer. Available now at AutoMeter authorized retailers and for only $119.95.

autometer pressure sensor

Part Numbers and Details:

2245   0-15psi
2239    0-30psi
2229    0-60psi
2210    0-75psi
2246    0-100psi
2211    0-150psi
2212    0-300psi
2213    0-500psi
2240    0-2000psi

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