Southern Practice Tree Showdown - This Saturday
Cullman, AL
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Come get some of this money...$10,000 on the line Saturday night! Weather will not be an issue on Saturday. Cold and Sunny, but nice and warm inside Camp Meadowbrook.

See ya Saturday!

Call/text Brad with any questions. 206-228-4774

See below for rules and important info.

southern practice tree showdown

Rules and 'things you need to know'

-Rollout is set to .000 and you will set delay (Usually around 1.340 is a good starting point)
-No flickering the bulb and messing with opponents
-If you race against a bottom bulb racer, you must stay seated and quiet until he/she leaves
-No bump down
-Races are 1 and done
-Doors open at 1pm
-Time trials 2pm-5pm (2 hits per person, get back in line for more)
-E1 will start at 5pm sharp!!
-Ladder at 8 based off reaction time (Re-ladder at 4)
-Bye run is random until ladder (will draw tech card before each round to determine potential bye)
-Lane choice is a coin flip until ladder (higher seeded driver gets choice)
-Buybacks E1 only

Weather looks to be clearing out by Friday so come join in on the fun and enjoy the nice 70* temps inside! Saturday will be Mid-30s but Sunny.

Motorhomes are welcome to stay over if needed.

There will be 4 additional prizes with cash money $50 each. (Long distance, last remaining bottom bulber, last standing woman and first .000 in eliminations)

Everyone have safe travels and we will see you Saturday!

Call or text Brad with any questions. 206-228-4774

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