NHRA Summit ET Finals - West Central Division 5 Results
Topeka, KS
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Bandimere Speedway took home the team title at this weekend’s NHRA Summit Racing Series West Central Division Finals at Heartland Park Topeka, Topeka, Kan. The team from Bandimere shared the winner’s circle with five individual winners including Kanas racers Todd Piper and Eugene Lamb.

Bandimere Speedway racked up 52 points and needed everyone one of them as I-29 Dragstrip and the host track of Heartland Park landed in a tie for second at 51.

Piper, Wamego, Kan., raced his ’14 dragster to a lap of 7.230 seconds at 180.24 mph to knock out Dustin Smiley, Emerson, Iowa.  Piper was out first with a great .003 second reaction time as Smiley closed in hard but ran out of track coming up a few hundredths of a second short.

Chris Mang, Brighton, Colo., was out first on Lamb, Garnett, Kan., in the Sportsman class only to see Lamb make it all up on the top end running 12.291 seconds on his 12.29 dial to win by about 11 inches.  Mang went 12.201 at 107.59 and a .037 package for the runner up finish.

Eric Johnson took the win in Pro using a near perfect .003 second reaction time to force Ernie Raile, Lakewood, Colo., to breakout in his ’68 Firebird.  Johnson, North Bend, Neb., clocked in at 9.037, 148.54 in his ’72 Oldsmobile.

Curtis Spracklin and Brayden Staab posted victories in Motorcycle and High School respectively.  Spracklin, Omaha, Neb., grabbed a big lead at the start and held on easily to win over John Fitzpatrick, Park City, Kan., with an 8.588, 141.27 mph run.  Staab also took the early lead in his ’89 Mustang and ran 12.074, 110.06 for the win over Valerie Steffens and her ‘10 Camaro running 12.245, 109.10.

Piper, Johnson, Lamb and Spracklin will now make the trip to California for the NHRA Summit National Championship in November when they will face off with the champions for the six other NHRA Division Summit Finals.

Friday’s action saw the top points earners from each track go head to head in the Summit Race of Champions competition. 

Tom Williams, Leonardville, Kan., scored the win in Super Pro running 7.092 seconds at 190.94 mph over Mike Secrest who fouled at the start while Courtney Glover, Aurora, Colo., bagged the win in Pro ET.  Glover raced her ’68 Camaro to the win over local runner Luke Siebert, Topeka, Kan., posting a 10.528, 124.83 to the quicker Siebert at 10.249, 127.57.

In Sportsman it was Blaine Flanscha, Fowler, Colo., ending the day for John Dost II, Olathe, Kan.  Flanscha went 12.500 in his ’70 Bonneville to a 12.478 for Dost in his ’92 Camaro.

Mike Voss and Blaine Anderson took the Race of Champions trophies in Motorcycle and High School as Voss powered his ’10 Kawasaki past Dave Primrose, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 9.613 seconds at 122.18 mph.  Anderson, Eau Claire, Wis., beat out Tanner Asti of Henderson, Colo., posting a 17.124, 81.86 mph lap in his ’01 Sierra.  Tanner went 13.935 at 97.18 in his ’03 Pontiac for his runner up finish.

The following are final results from the 2017 NHRA Summit Racing Series West Central Division Finals:



Bandimere Speedway              52

Heartland Park Topeka           51

I-29 Dragstrip                         51

Tri-State Raceway                  39

Kansas Intl Dragway              39         

Cedar Falls M/S Park              34         

Rock Falls Raceway               33         

Julesburg Dragstrip                 30         

SRCA Dragstrip                     29

Kearney Raceway Park           27         

Top End Dragway                  22        

Brainerd Intl Raceway            20        

Grove Creek Raceway            18         

Pueblo Motorsports Park        16        

Oahe Speedway                      6



Todd Piper, Wamego, Kan., '14 Racecraft, 7.230, 180.24  def. Dustin Smiley, Emerson, Iowa, '95 Grand Prix, 8.554, 156.10.


Eric Johnson, North Bend, Neb., '72 Olds, 9.037, 148.54  def. Ernie Raile, Lakewood, Colo., '68 Firebird, 9.998, 134.82.


Eugene Lamb, Garnett, Kan., '70 Camaro, 12.291, 108.00  def. Chris Mang, Brighton, Colo., '87 Mustang, 12.201, 107.50.


Curtis Spracklin, Omaha, Neb., '05 Athanis, 8.588, 141.27  def. John Fitzpatrick, Park City, Kan.,

'82 Suzuki, 8.481, 154.19.


Brayden Staab, Enid, Okla., '89 Mustang, 12.074, 110.06  def. Valerie Steffens, Sherrill, Iowa, '10 Camaro, 12.245, 109.10.



Tom Williams, Leonardville, Kan., dragster, 7.092, 190.94  def. Mike Secrest, Wichita, Kan., '11 Jim White, foul.


Courtney Glover, Aurora, Colo., '68 Camaro, 10.528, 124.83  def. Luke Siebert, Topeka, Kan., '89 Camaro, 10.249, 127.57.


Blaine Flanscha, Fowler, Colo., '70 Bonneville, 12.500, 99.79  def. John Dost II, Olathe, Kan., '92 Camaro, 12.478, 96.78.


Mike Voss, Maplewood, Minn., '10 KAW, 9.613, 122.18  def. Dave Primrose, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, '96 ZX14r, 9.177, 140.21.


Blaine Anderson, Eau Claire, Wis., '01 Sierra, 17.124, 81.86  def. Tanner Asti, Henderson, Colo., '03 Pontiac, 13.935, 97.18.

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