Lane Dicken Pockets $100Grand at SFG Racer Appreciation Weekend
Cecil, GA
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SFG Promotions started 2018 off with the VP Racing Fuels Racer Appreciation Weekend in Reynolds, GA this past weekend.  Due to heavy rain forecast on Sunday, Saturday and Sunday's races were combined for a $100,000 to win event which was contested on Saturday.  10 rounds in, Lane Dicken who recently moved to Lebannon, Tennessee faced of with Tennessee native, Jason Lynch.  Lynch had the starting line advantage in the S10, but Dicken's dead 9 at 150 snuck by for the win.

lane dicken

Lane Dicken from Lebannon, TN took home a cool $100,000 from the combined Saturday / Sunday $50k races defeating Tennessee Native, Racin Jason Lynch. Lone semi finalist of the combined race was Dennis Deal from Byron, GA.

lane dicken sfg racer appreciation weekend

jason lynch drag racer

jeff dobbins II drag racer

Jeff Dobbins II from Wilmington, NC defeated Kevin Rodden in Friday's $50k to win race.  Brandon Jarrell from Pleasantview, TN was the lone semi finalist.

kevin rodden drag racer

Scott Richardson from Barbourville, Ky defeated Chris Reynolds out of Blair, Delaware in Thursday's $15k Warm Up.  Bryson Scruggs our of Pleasantview, TN  was the lone semi finalist.

scott richardson drag racer

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