Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Results - Sonoma Raceway
Sonoma, CA
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 In the final results from Sonoma Raceway and the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, Doug Lambeck, Irvine, Calif., and Justin Lamb, Henderson, Nev., took home the wins in Comp Eliminator and Super Stock respectively.
Lambeck, worked his way through the field and ran 8.351 seconds at 185.74 mph in his final round victory over Tony Mandella, Eastvale, Calif., who clocked in at 7.912 seconds, 163.31 mph.
2017 Super Stock World Champion Justin Lamb and 2016 Super Stock World Champion Jimmy De Frank met in the final round. DeFrank was quicker off the line but Lamb was quick to outrun DeFrank with a winning pass of 8.620 seconds, 149.50 mph in his ’10 Cobalt. DeFrank drove to a runner-up finish with a pass of 8.957 seconds, 150.05 mph.
With excellent reaction times in the Super Gas final round, Dennis Sato, Westminster, Calif., and Roger Kato, Las Vegas Nev., went head to head with Sato coming out on top. Sato had a reaction time of 0.02 seconds, and a run of 9.960 seconds, 122.86 mph. Kato triggered the light at 0.004 seconds but was not able to catch up with a time of 9.961 seconds, 172.23 mph in his runner-up lap.
In the division’s Top Sportsman class Joe Roubicek, Camarillo, Calif., took home the win in his ’68 Camaro with an impressive reaction of 0.004 second and a run of 6.578 seconds, 206.61 mph defeating Doug Crumlich, Irvine, Calif., in his ’63 Corvette. In the Top Dragster final round traveling a long way from home Peter Biondo, Maspeth, N.Y., claimed victory with a great reaction time of 0.004 seconds and a pass of 6.773 seconds, 196.50 mph over Tom Koenen, Tucson, Ariz. And in Sportsman Motorcycle Dylan Hendrix, Modesto, Calif., was also quick at the light with a reaction time of 0.025 seconds and a victory pass of 8.973 seconds, 144.41 mph defeating Ed Bradell, Rio Linda, Calif.
Other racers visiting the winner’s circle this weekend were Brian McClanahan, Alta Loma, Calif., in Stock; Steve Williams, Beaumont, Calif., in Super Comp; and Greg Ventura, Corona, Calif., in Super Street. 
Pacific Division racers head to Rocky Mountain Raceway, Salt Lake City, Utah for the next NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event, August 23-24
The following are the final results from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event at Sonoma Raceway:
Doug Lambeck, Irvine, Calif., '08 Sunfire, D/SMA, 8.351, 158.74 def. Tony Mandella, Eastvale, Calif., '92 Camaro, A/SMA, 7.912, 163.31
Justin Lamb, Henderson, Nev., '10 Cobalt, SS/AM, 8.620, 149.50 def. Jimmy DeFrank, Chatsworth, Calif., '10 Cobalt, SS/CM, 8.957, 150.05
Brian McClanahan, Alta Loma, Calif., '69 Camaro, AA/SA, 9.818, 131.38 def. Scott Burton, Golden, Colo., '70 Firebird, B/SA, 10.492, 121.29
Steve Williams, Beaumont, Calif., '10 TNT, 8.920, 183.99 def. Madison Whitten, Corona, Calif., '14 American, 8.865, 160.86
Dennis Sato, Westminster, Calif., '84 Camaro, 9.960, 122.86 def. Roger Kato, N. Las Vegas, Nev.,
'05 Cavalier, 9.961, 172.23
Greg Ventura, Corona, Calif., '66 Nova, 10.906, 135.82 def. Ryan Giacone, Glendale, Ariz., '88 Thunderbird, 10.869, 154.25
Joe Roubicek, Camarillo, Calif., '68 Camaro, 6.587, 206.61 def. Doug Crumlich, Irvine, Calif., '63 Corvette, 6.875, 197.94
Peter Biondo, Maspeth, N.Y., '15 Racetech, 6.773, 196.50 def. Tom Koenen, Tucson, Ariz., '06 N & P, 6.933, 195.85
Dylan Hendrix, Modesto, Calif., '79 Kawasaki, 8.973, 144.41 def. Ed Bradell, Rio Linda, Calif.,
'05 Kawasaki ZX, 9.571, 137.18
Ed Thornton, Chino, Calif., '70 Camaro, 5.794, 265.69 def. Mike Doushgounian, San Martin, Calif.,
'69 Camaro, 7.163, 138.14

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