Brodix Presents 2018 Dozen Questions with Cory Gulitti
Gallatin, TN
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brodix cory gulitti

Big Money Bracket Racer and recent MILLION Runner-Up Cory Gulitti from Spring, Texas is our latest featured racer on DRR Dozen Questions presented by Brodix. DRR will be interviewing some of the nation's most prolific racing members of our community this year. Stay tuned for someone new over the next few months.

Thank you to BRODIX for making these interviews possible.

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DRR - Cory welcome to 2018 Dozen Questions presented by BRODIX. When did you first get involved in drag racing and who got you started?

Cory - I’ve been around drag racing my whole life. My Pop Pop started the whole “family disease” we call it. He got my dad and uncle into it early on in their lives. And for as long as i can remember, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.

cory gulitti drag racer

An even younger 8 year old Cory Gulitti with his cousin Alex and his mom Geri 9 years ago.

DRR - You had a long and successful carrier in Junior Dragsters. What would you say you learned in Juniors that has become helpful in racing "big cars"?

Cory - The biggest thing Junior Dragsters helped me out with was learning to stay focused and to not let the pressure get to you. Me personally, i like a little bit of pressure, pressure gives me the motivation to do better.

cory gulitti junior dragsters

DRR - What do you think our readers would be surprised the most to learn that you like to do?

Cory - Most people that know me know that aside from bracket racing, my main hobby is fishing. There’s no better way to relax after a long weekend of racing than being on the water catching fish with your friends.

DRR - You’re still a student at the age of 17. Do you have a carrier in mind when you finish school or is there a field you would like to go into?

Cory - As of right now, I still don’t know what I’m gonna do when i grow up. That’s a big one, lol.

cory gulitti fall shootout

Cory "doubled down" with 2 wins at the ACE Ohio Fall Shootout at Dragway 42 in Ohio earlier this fall.

DRR - Is there a particular racer you watched or got ideas from in your racing style and what was it that made you respect that or interested you?

Cory - There’s a few racers out there that I’ve watched that have made me the racer that I have turned into. First one (and the main one) that I’ve always watched is Luke Bogacki. His ability to stay focused, not let anyone get in his head, and turn on all the win lights that he has turned on really inspires me to be a better racer. And that goes to say with the other 2 people that I’ve watched throughout the years. Those 2 being Gary Williams and Johnny Ezell. If you had to ask me who my top 3 is, it’s those 3 racers.

DRR - I know you and your dad have traveled quite a bit this year. Is there a track that goes to the top of your list as a favorite yet and why?

Cory - As of now I really don’t have a track in particular that is my favorite. It’d have to be a pick between Drag Way 42 and Rockingham.

cory gulitti fall fling

DRR - When you’re not racing what do you enjoy doing for entertainment?

Cory - Once again fishing, riding dirt bikes/ four wheelers, and just having a good time with good friends.

DRR - If you had to choose another form of motorsports to participate in, what would it be and why?

Cory - If I wasn’t into drag racing, it’d be between dirt track racing and motocross I’d have to say. 

DRR - Texas is known for its BBQ, but If I lost the bet and had to take you out for dinner, what is your favorite restaurant and meal?

Cory - If I won that bet and got to pick, you just can’t beat a Japanese hibachi meal with some fried rice.

cory gulitti million bracket race winners circle

This past weekend at the 23rd Annual MILLION, Cory was involved in a to end accident that forced him to finish the final 3 rounds in his Dad's dragster.  Cory is the youngest driver to make it to the final round of the MILLION.

DRR - With your recent accident and rebound during the final rounds of the MILLION people’s perception of you is fearlessness. BUT - there must be something.  Snakes, Flying, Water - Tell us what you’re not a fan of and why.

Cory - Hands down, my biggest fear is snakes. I don’t know what it is about them, but they scare the ever living sh*t out of me!

DRR - Music or Video Games? If you had to choose one  to get away, what would it be and what would you be playing or listening to?

Cory - I’ve never been one to play video games, that’s just not my way of winding down and relaxing. I’d just be relaxing and listening to music.

DRR - If you inked a big sponsorship, what would the dream company or product be?

Cory - Mickey Thompson tires and wheels is a sponsorship I’ve always wanted. We’ve ran their products 99 percent of the time in Junior Dragsters and for the whole 2 years that I’ve raced the big cars. They have been nothing but good to us and I look forward to running their product in years to come. Can’t beat them "sticky mickeys". 

DRR - Cory, Thanks for spending some time with us on and good luck in 2019.

cory gulitti southern big buck nationals wc

Cory's first Big Win in a Big Car came just this past April at the Southern Big Buck Nationals in Louisiana.

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