SFG500 Draws Huge Field of Racers in Michigan
Martin, MI
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This past weekend's SFG500 at US 131 in Martin Michigan now stands at top of Big Bucks Bracket Racing as the largest paying drag race in history. Gage Burch Wins Main Event with Chris Bear, Nick Hastings and Kyle Cultrera all taking home Big Checks too.  625 entries made the call on Saturday Morning for the $525,000 Main event while 700 plus took stage during the surrounding two $50,000 to Win races.

sfg 500 2019 us 131 martin michigan

sfg 500 2019

 gage burch sfg500 2019

Gage Burch who races out of Palmetto, Florida won the biggest check of the weekend when he took Matt Dadas' Ford Ranger Pickup to the winner's circle of the largest paying drag race to date defeating Johnny "Bracket Racer" Ezell in the 10th round.  625 racers made the 1st round call in Michigan for the "historic" event.

Burch used a .015 dead 2 to dispose of the highly accomplished opponent Ezell, when Johnny couldn't get there, .019 above.  No small payday for either racer though as they had a record $300k to split in the final round between them.

Will Holloman from North Carolina and Jeg Couglin, Jr from Ohio were the semi-finalists.

johnny ezell bracket racer

kyle cultrera drag racer

Kyle Cultrerra defeated Ray Holmes in the $20,000 Warm-Up on Wednesday, wading through 600 plus racers.  Will Holloman and Danny Northrup were the semi-finalists.

ray holmes drag racer

chris bear drag racer

Chris Bear made good on his trip from neighboring Ohio when he defeated Gage Burch from Florida in the weekend's first $50,000 to Win race.  Bear used a .003 dead 9 for the win when Burch broke out by a mear .0002.  Hunter Patton from Texas and Jeremy Mckague were the semi-finalists.

gage burch drag racer

nick hastings drag racer

Nick Hastings received the final $50,000 check of the weekend when he defeated Doug Foley Jr on Sunday evening.  Hastings used a .002 2 above to defeat Foley after defeating Chris Bear in the semi finals.  Foley Jr defeated Joe Gary on the other side of the ladder in route to the final round.

doug folley jr drag racer

erica baker drag racer

In what was one of the "Coolest" races of the weekend, Erica Baker from Kentucky defeated Lyndsey Back from Ohio in the final round.  50 Ladies took main stage in front of all their piers, boy friends, husbands and fathers.

The landscape of "Big Bucks" Bracket Racing is changing and SFG has certainly done it's part in molding it.  The SFG Staff and US 131 crew worked exceptionally long hours putting on an exceptional event up North.

Thank you to Lou Crouch and Chris Simmons for the photos!

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