David Davis Wins Oakley Motorsports 632 at DFS Race
Evansville, IN
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David Davis from Toledo, Ohio took home a complete Oakley Motorsports 632 Race Engine last Saturday Night in Evansville, Indiana at the DFS Practice Tree Race.  Davis is a well recognized Top Bulb Racer on the door car side at Big Money Events here of late and showed just why that is with his ability to "let go" on a regular basis as he took one of his entries 10 rounds to claim the $25,000 engine in the final over Darren Douglas.

david davis oakley motorsports engine  oakley motorsports engine

The Oakley Motorsports Shootout consisted of 100 racers who were allowed to double enter in which nearly all did making it a field of nearly 200 entries in the race.  Oakley Motorsports built the 1000+ hp 632 with the intention of big support for their shootout in Mid January, and weren't let down when the event sold out prior to the doors opening.

david davis  practice tree race

David Davis raises the #1 as he got away with one in the final with an abnormal "teen" light, when Kentucky's Darren Douglas let go a little early with a -003 bulb.  

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