Mutt and Jeff Promotions Complete Results
Beaver Springs, PA
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It was the day Paul Burruss and Dylan Griffey have been looking forward to for a whole year since last year’s Mutt & Jeff Promotions high-dollar bracket race.

“Last year we moved the event to Beaver Springs Dragway in central Pennsylvania,” said Burruss, “and we had a great event with a lot of competitors not only happy with the races themselves but also the facility. The track’s owner Mike McCracken worked diligently with us to assure everyone had a great time, which made continuing the event there a no-brainer.”

One change from last year was the move to run the three-day race on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, paying $10K-$20K-$10K to the winner each day. While the weather for the three days prior were chamber of commerce gorgeous, don’t ever fool with Mother Nature. This morning opened up to unexpected liquid sunshine (rain) but track and Mutt & Jeff officials stuck with the plan and by the time eliminations began in the afternoon, sunshine prevailed.

A separate Footbrake class was run with the winner being seeded into the following round of the Super Pro class in addition to receiving a Footbrake bonus. And as usual, door cars were all run separate from dragsters with the winner of the door cars also seeded into the following round of Super Pro.

For the Footbrake final, two Beaver Springs regulars Mike Fornwalt and Dave Novinger faced off with Fornwalt taking the win and moving into round six of the Super Pro Field.

For round five of Super Pro, the remaining combatants were Jeff Duck and Bryan Source, both with two entries, Dave Bratton, Jeff Krushinskie, Ray Thurston III, Eric Tenney, Jeff Serra, Dennis Shaw, Chet Dragon, Thomas Fletcher, Cody Hoover, and Rick Terkowski.

The survivors from that round were Bratton, Krushinskie, Tenney, Shaw, Fletcher, with Duck and Sorce losing one of their entries. That remained Fornwalt’s Footbrake winning door car to join the remaining door cars Tenney and Fletcher to make up the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinal round winners making up the semifinals were the door cars of Tenney and Fletcher, and the dragsters of Krushinski and Duck. According to the ladder, it was door car against dragster with the dragsters reigning supreme, two drivers who have somewhat intimate knowledge of the track, having raced here before. Elysburg, PA versus Mifflintown, PA.

jeff krushinskie drag racer

With a slight reaction time advantage, Elysburg’s Jeff Krushinskie only needed 0.015 over his dial-in to defeat Duck and his Class 1 Transport entry.

jason amey drag racer

With the final of the $10K race completed, a special 32-car dragster only shootout began. Down to the final, it was Jason Amey and Jared Brungart with Brungart getting to the finish line first but breaking out in the process to let Amey take his winnings back to Walnut Port, PA. With that, Day 1 of the Mutt & Jeff Promotions event was in the books.

Friday morning opens with a $20K-to-win in addition to 64-car High Roller Shootout.



Scattered showers were in the forecast for today but racing went on. New entries were allotted a time run prior to first round beginning.

“We had a great day yesterday,” said Burruss. “We got hurt early in the day yesterday with some weather but the sun finally shone through and we were able to finish the entire race including the elite 32-car dragster shootout.”

shawn barrett drag racer

In between the first round and the buyback round today, a select group of former winners faced off in the first Mutt & Jeff Top 8 for a little bit of fun. Six former winners got the chance to face off against Mutt & Jeff promoters Paul Burruss and Dylan Griffey. Shawn Barrett, Joey Harrison, Andy Dolan, Scott Tate, Randy Krause and Tony Hill, all took a shot to see who could knock off the “bosses.” After the first round, both “bosses” were beaten and final turned out to be a second year winner (Joey Harrison) and a fourth year champ (Shawn Barrett) with Barrett coming out on top as the champ of champs.

bob flick drag racer

Once again, the Footbrake crowd ran by themselves until a winner was crowned, after which that person was seeded into the Super Pro ladder. Footbrake finalists ended up to be Thursday’s winner Mike Fornwalt and Bob Flick, with the win light shining in Flick’s lane after a -.006 red-light by Fornwalt.

Round five of the Super Pro ladder round found the survivors to be Jeff Flick, Mark Coover, Robbie Hamilton, Antoine Jet, Tim Armstrong, Jeff Serra, Mark Truszkowski, Jeff Krushinskie, Vinve Shrawder, Kyle Robb, Dalton Roles, Shane Tresser, Mike Holland and Jason Weaver.

After the faced off, it was Flick, Hamilton, Serra, Krushinskie, Roles, Robb, and the door car of Holland; all moving into the round six along with Footbrake winner Flick. Hanging tough and moving into the semifinals were Krushinskie, Roles, Serra and the lone remaining door car of Holland.

Semifinals and it was the team cars of the Roles family with son Dalton facing off with last night’s winner Krushinskie. Two-ten thousandths of a second separated them at the finish line with Roles getting the nod into the $20K-to-win final. In the other half, Holland and his Mustang took the reaction time advantage over Serra and carried it right through for the win. Final round and it was door car versus dragster.

mike holland drag racer

Of course the big story here was Mike Holland’s Mustang. A car that has sat for the past two years and the first time it was started was yesterday when Holland towed it to the track. Naturally making it an even better story was the fact that Roles turned on the red-light to hand the win to Holland.



Two days down and one last one to go at the Mutt & Jeff Promotions high-dollar event at Beaver Springs Dragway in central Pennsylvania.

Two big stories at the beginning of the day was first Mike Holland’s win in the $20K final yesterday in his Mustang. Door cars are not always the best tool for the job, but Mike was making it look good in a car which had sat to two years and wasn’t even started until he arrived at the track on Thursday.

Second, iron man so far of the weekend has been Jeff Krushinskie who won Thursday’s race and then made it down to the semifinals yesterday. Driving a Roles team car, the semifinals was young Dalton Roles facing Krushinskie with the “owner” scoring the win and eventual runner-up yesterday.

A scattered weather forecast prolonged today with the sun poking through the clouds from time to time, but racing continued on.

mike fornwalt drag racer

Another candidate for iron man honors has to be Mike Fornwalt in his Footbrake Camaro. Fornwalt won the Footbrake class on Thursday, runner-upped yesterday and made it three finals in three days when he advanced to the final today. Facing him was yesterday’s winner, Bob Flick. Fornwalt earned his iron man status with a win over a red-lighting Flick, which moved him into round seven of the Super Pro field.

In round five of the Super Pro class, 14 remained; Marty Flegal, Jeff Duck, Tom Dauber, JR Bowie, Jason Lawrence, Blasé Raia, Andy Dolan, Glen Seward, Jesse Alberts, Randy Krause, Jared Brumgart, Jason Weaver, Chet Dragon and Vince Shrawder. Survivors of that round moving into the next round were Duck, Dauber, Seward, Krause, Miller and Shrawder.

Winners from round six were Dauber, Seward, Krause, and Shrawder, with all four to be joined by the Footbrake winner Fornwalt. Round seven and it would be Dauber, Shrawder and Fornwalt moving on, with Shrawder on the odd car bye run to move directly into the final against either Dauber or the Footbrake iron man Fornwalt.

In that semi, Fornwalt’s Cinderella came to end, when Dauber held the reaction time advantage all the way through to the finish line.

vince shrawder drag racer

In the final, it was Dauber who lit the red-light by 0.0003 to hand the win to Shrawder.  

Still left to complete today was a special 32-car Door Car Shootout which was originally scheduled for Friday. Final round contestants were Ben Haight and yesterday’s runner-up, this time in his door car; an S10 truck really; Dalton Roles. The red-light told the tale in this final as well when Haight lit the bulb to hand Roles the win.

“We definitely had our work cut out for us, with the weather concerns,” said co-promoter Paul Burruss, “but between the racers, the track crew, sponsors and our Mutt & Jeff crew, we were able to get it all done. Both myself and my partner Dylan Griffey are so thankful for everyone who worked with us to complete the event. And our thanks also goes out to Mark and Joanne Walter of MotorManiaTV for the great streaming the entire event. We’re looking forward to an even bigger race next year. We just can’t wait.”

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