Cody Heidt Wins the OG $50k Saturday Night at Mid Michigan Motorplex!
Stanton, MI
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The largest car count in 25 years showed up for this year’s $50k race with 342 cars staging 1st round.

The No Box 32 winner on Saturday was Michael Gramlich who defeated Mark Martinus in the final & moved on to round 6 of the $50k main event.

The ¼ finals had  5 drivers remaining including Cody Heidt with the bye run, Hunter Patton & Wes May matched up in an incredible race with Patton being .001 dropping to a 4.630 on a 4.61 while May was .002 6.733 on his 6.73 for a 5 pack, moving him on to the semis. The other pair matched up Brett Williamson & Ricky Adkinhs who was also the only remaining past winner.  They were separated by .001 on reactions & Ricky’s 6.060 on a 6.06 got him the semi final bye run.

In the Semi’s Heidt & May matched up with a slight .022 to .027 starting line advantage going to Heidt who ran dead on his 6.56 with a 6.567 to defeat May’s 6.741 on a 6.730.  Adkins was again dead on 6.065 0n the 6.06 on the bye.

Ricky Adkins was looking to be the 1st repeat winner of the $50k in which he had won 25 years prior at the 2nd annual race. Ricky was dialed 6.06 in his GTO to Heidt’s 6.56 in his “Ugly Betty” Malibu, Heidt was .009 in the final & dead 0 6.560 to defeat Adkins who was behind on the starting line & broke out 6.046 trying to catch Heidt.  Cody Heidt became the 27th different $50k winner at the 27th Annual event!

cody heidt drag racer

Cody Heidt – Todd’s Extreme $50,000 Winner


The week kicked off with the $10k Digital Delay Thursday that also had the largest Thursday car count ever for the World Super Pro Challenge.

The No Box 32 1st winner of the weekend was Kelly Smith in his S-10 defeating Joe Bauman. In a great side by side race Bauman was .014 6.418 on a 6.40 dial but Smith was .013 6.600 on a 6.59 to take the win by .009 & move on to round 6 of the $10k race.

In the ¼ finals Katelyn Smith was .002 red dead on her 4.59 to hand the win to Gary Williams. Kyle Beavers & Scott Hoernlein were paired up with Beavers moving to the Semis after Hoernlein broke out. Nick Folk in his dragster ran Corey Mikus in his Chevy II, Mikus was .012 & .009 under his 5.83 dial in to give Folk the win with a .018 4.537 on a 4.53. Nick Folk was also still in with the door car & had to run David Marckini in his Camaro, Marckini was .008 6.301 on 6.31 to take the double breakout win over Folk who was .011 under his 5.75 dial in.

In the Semis Folk & Marckini matched up once again with Folk getting the win this time, he was .011 4.532 on a 4.53, Marckini was .002 but ran 6.289 on his 6.29 dial. Gary Williams & Kyle Beavers were the other pair with Williams getting the win with a .010 4.790 on a 4.78 when Beavers broke out 6.952 on a 6.96.

In the $10k Final Williams & Folk decided to turn off crosstalk & leave off the bottom!  Nick Folk got the win .087 4.532 on a 4.53 dial while Williams was .079 4.797 on a 4.78 for the .007 MOV win.

nick folk drag racer

Nick Folk Thursday’s $10,000 Winner


Friday was a busy day with the $10k main event & the Todd’s Extreme Paint Racer Appreciation race along with the FTI Racer Appreciation race all being completed Friday night.

Brett Williamson was the 1st winner of the day winning the No Box 32 over Kelly Smith in his 2nd No Box final in 2 days. Williamson moved on to round 6 of the main event.

The ¼ finals had Wes May, Brett Williamson, Chris Stine, Aaron Vail & Mark Howard.  Vail, Williamson & May all moved on to the Semis. Vail got the bye in the Semis & ran 6.718 on his 6.71, Williamson was .014 6.017 on a 6.00 to May’s .009 6.722 on a 6.71.

The final had a near heads up run with May dialed 6.71 & Vail dialed 6.72, Vail was .023 6.713 breaking out to give the win to May who was .014 6.725 on the 6.71.

wes may drag racer

Wes May Friday’s $10,000 Winner

The FTI Appreciation race draws 16 random tech cards to make up the free race that pays $2,000 to the Winner, $750 Runner-up & $500 FTI certificates to the Semis. Jerry Burdess, Brian Peterson. Keith Helsel, Fred Schwedt, Jim Thurston, Chris Koslek, Carol McCarty, Roy St Denis, Jack Kassin, Cameron Adkins, Christine Kirbitz, Barney Barnhart, Rick Schneider, Steve Smith, Leon Robertson & Amanda Campbell were the 16 lucky racers who got in.

Christine Kirbitz & Carol McCarty were the FTI Certificate winners for their Semi Final finishes & Barney Barnhart defeated Jack Kassin to pick up the $2,000 win.

barney barnhart drag racer

Barney Barnhart FTI Racer Appreciation Winner

New this year was the Todd’s Extreme Paint race where all cars that had been painted by Todd’s were eligible for a $10,000 Winner package with no entry fee!   Will Crawford, Bob Payton & Michelle Taylor were the ¼ finalists. Dan Davies was .003 4.189 on a 4.18 to defeat Jessica Bogacki .014 4.690 0n a 4.67 in the semis, Jessica received a free entry into the 2021 WSPC event.  Matt Gramlich had the bye.

In the finals Dan Davies was .019 4.193 on a 4.18 to defeat Matt Gramlich .025 4.811 on a 4.80. Gramlich received a $1,000 for runner up while Davies received $4,000 cash & $6,000 certificate from Todd’s Extreme Paint!

dan davies drag racer

Dan Davies Todd’s Extreme Paint Race Winner


Sunday’s $5k wrap up race was a late start due to overnight & morning rain. Eliminations got started around 2pm & again racing the rain the event was finish at 7:45 just before the rains came again. In the ¼ finals Gary Williams had the bye, Bailey Ferraro was .007 4.689 on a 4.68 to defeat Jimmy Francisco, Luke Bogacki was .013 6.420 on a 6.41 to defeat Brian Rockwell .017 5.976 on a 5.95.

Bogacki received the bye in the semis, Gary Williams & Bailey Ferraro matched up. Williams was -.002 red handing the win to Ferraro who was .009 4.665 on a 4.68.

In the final Bogacki was .008 but broke out 6.402 on the 6.41 handing the win to Ferraro 4.685 on a 4.66.

bailey feraro drag racer

Bailey Ferraro Sunday’s $5k Winner


Bonus Winners:

Digital Delay Box Winner: Bug McCarty

Pro Systems 4150 Winner: Marc Gramlich

Drag Race Solution Bye Run $200 Certificate Winners: David Marckini, Aaron Vail, Darren McChesney & Mark Martinus

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