Fall Fling West - Complete Results
Las Vegas, NV
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LAS VEGAS – The Fall Fling West presented by RAD Torque Systems kicked off with A-1 Performance Thursday which included a $100,000 to win 64-Car Shootout. The day began with clear skies, a stiff head wind, and a gorgeous backdrop.

With fighter jets buzzing overhead, A-1 Performance Thursday began with time trial sessions for the GearWrench Pro Class, Super Pro, and the 64-Car Shootout. With several rounds of time trials completed, the attention turned to the A-1 Performance $100,000 64-Car Shootout which consisted of 32 doorcars and 32 dragsters.

At the round of 16 Daniel McClelland, Keith Horob, Jim Glenn, Larry Spitall, Chuck Hawk Jr., Mera Silvia, Emma Deuschle, and Ken Sweo remained in contention on the doorcar side. The eight dragsters remaining included Duston Wurtz, David Myhre, Rayce Kidd, Taylor Strange, Larry Richardson, Dan Lafferty, Gabriel Torres, and Carson Campbell.

Moving into the quarterfinals was McClelland, Hawk, Glenn, Dueschle, Richardson, Wurtz, Torres, and Kidd. The highlight of the round was the battle between Richardson and Lafferty where Richardson laid down a perfect package to defeat Lafferty’s .001 dead one lap!

In the quarterfinals, McClelland posted a .012-pack in his wagon to turn back Hawk who was .002 and two above. Jim Glenn used a .005 to .041 reaction time advantage to move past Deuschle. On the dragster ladder, Larry Richardson capitalized on Wurtz’s breakout to move into the semifinals. In the last matchup of the round, Gabriel Torres moved past Kidd after dropping to dead on. Kidd’s .003 take .041 put him .005 under his 4.75 dial.

Both semifinal pairings were decided at the starting line when McClelland turned it red to Glenn by .006 and Richardson was -.001 red against Torres. Of note, McClelland won two rounds earlier in the day by virtue of the TruStart system as his opponents fouled by a greater margin than he did.

jim glenn fall fling west 2020 race winner

In the doorcar versus dragster $100,000 final, Glenn let go .005 beside Torres’ .030. At the stripe Glenn dropped to go dead-on seven (6.647) to take the win after Torres trailed with a 4.696 on his 4.68 dial. The emotions flowed over in the winner’s circle as Glenn and his family celebrated their $100,000 victory.

In addition to the 64-Car Shootout, promoters Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel added a GearWrench Pro Class Run for the Shootout. Racers were given one shot to lay down the best package and earn their way into the four-car Shootout where the winner would receive $1,000 of the $2,000 guaranteed purse.

The four best packages came from Brandon Umberger, Jeff Jones, Matt Kielman, and Dustin Martin. In a heads up 5.94 race, Umberger used a .021 over 5.961 to turn back Jones who slowed to a 6.055. Kielman’s .011 trailed Martin’s .005 off the line but turned on the winlight when Martin was .003 under his 5.99 dial. Of note, Kielman’s .011 light was the worst light of the round by the four bottom bulb competitors!

The GearWrench Run for the Shootout final included two of the toughest bottom bulb racers in the country. Once again, Kielman was .011 and behind after Umberger posted a .005 light. At the stripe it was all Umberger as he was .00 take .00 for the win after his .021 over 5.961 was .004 ahead of Kielman’s .019 over 6.739.

In addition to the cash prizes in the GearWrench Run for the Shootout, Peter and Kyle donated $400 to the Racers for Christ from the extra entries in the Shootout.

The Fall Fling West presented by RAD Torque Systems continues on Friday with the Kidd Performance and Dyno $10,000 race. New entries time trials start at 8 AM with eliminations to follow.



LAS VEGAS – A day removed from the A-1 Performance $100,000 64-Car Shootout which saw Jim Glenn drive his 69’ Firebird to the win, the Fall Fling West presented by RAD Torque Systems moved into the Kidd Performance Friday $10K. Racers jumped in action at 8AM with new entry time trials.

With new entry time trials complete, eliminations kicked off with the GearWrench Pro class followed by Super Pro doorcars and then dragsters. Everyone was looking to grab the ATI Performance Products Bounty Award for stopping Thursday’s winner Jim Glenn.

After the completion of the first two rounds, promoters Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel added a 32-Car $5,000 Shootout to the schedule. The Shootout was open to racers that did not make it out of the second round of eliminations in the Kidd Performance $10K.

Speaking of the Kidd Performance $10K, there were twelve racers left in contention as we reached the ladder round. The twelve racers consisted of Curtis Zinzilieta, Jeremy Wilson, and Howard DeVore in the GearWrench Pro Class. They were joined by Thursday finalists Jim Glenn and Gabriel Torres who were both looking to go to back-to-back final rounds. JR Leerkamp was double entered in his Corvette roadster and his dragster. Jake Jones, Pete Bothe, Joe Leavitt, Shawn Hart, and Chris Northup rounded out the field.

In the GearWrench Pro class, Zinzilieta defeated DeVore to move into the Pro final against Wilson who had the bye in Round 6. On the Super Pro ladder, Glenn defeated Leerkamp’s first entry, Torres had the bye, Jones defeated Bothe, Leavitt stopped Hart, and Northup took out Leerkamp’s second entry.

Round 7 found Funny Car Chris Northup sitting on the bye while Gabriel Torres kept rolling after defeating Jake Jones on a breakout. Leavitt earned the ATI Bounty when Jim Glenn missed the tree. Zinzilieta collected the GearWrench Pro Class bonus after Wilson was .010 red sending Zinzilieta to the semifinals.

The Kidd Performance $10K semifinals saw the two doorcars of Leavitt and Zinzilieta battle for a spot in the final round while Torres and Northup squared off in their dragsters. After winning the Pro Class, Zinzilieta left early sending Leavitt and his Chevy II to the final round. In the dragster pair, Northup was .005 better off the line and posted a dead-on two pass (5.272) to prevent Torres from making a second consecutive final round.

christopher northrup drag racer fall fling west 2020

The final round saw Funny Car Chris Northup turn on the final win-light when his .033 initiated 5.261 (5.25 dial-in) more than covered Leavitt’s .031 light and .05 above 6.140 effort. The winner’s circle was lively as Northup and his friends celebrated his victory.

The 32-Car $5K Shootout was also full of excitement as racers battled to make up for their early exit from the main event. At the round of eight, Mark Kidd defeated Greg Hicks, Johnny Carter stopped Andy Schmall, Trey Vetter bested Jeremy Rupp, and Taylor Strange defeated Chuck Hawk Jr.

The $5K semifinals was an all dragster affair which saw Strange pair up with Kidd and Vetter face off with Carter. After a near even start, Strange posted a .016 over 4.736 to stop Kidd who slowed to a .029 over 4.609. Vetter and Carter both posted .012 reactions but Vetter turned on the win-light after ripping the throttle twice to go 4.487 on his 4.47 dial. Carter trailed with a .023 over 4.935 in the loss.

The real excitement began just as Strange and Vetter were about to pull under the famous LVMS arch. A bolt fell out of Strange’s gas pedal just as he pulled up to the arch. Once his crew found the culprit, Vetter kindly backed up and allowed Strange to fix the issue. After a short delay, they pulled to the line where Vetter pulled off the win. Trey used a .016 to .036 reaction advantage once again ripping the throttle to go one above four (4.484) to stop Strange’s dead three effort (4.723).

The Fall Fling West presented by RAD Torque Systems continues on Saturday with the Panella Race Engines $50K. Eliminations start at 8 AM Saturday morning.



LAS VEGAS – Day #3 of the Fall Fling West presented by RAD Torque Systems raced into action Saturday morning with a Run for the Money time trial. Next on the schedule was the Panella Race Engines $50,000 main event. In addition to the main event, race promoters Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel added a 64-Car $10K Shootout to the program. The Shootout was reserved for racers who did not advance to round three of the $50K.

As we moved through eliminations, racers looked to collect the Goethe Enterprises Bounty Award by taking out Friday’s $10K winner Chris Northup. With the sun setting behind the mountains, eleven racers returned for round six of the Panella Race Engines $50K.

The remaining racers included the GearWrench Pro final round contestants Tim O’Moore and Jonathan Fiello along with Sean Shaffer who was double entered in his roadster and dragster. Friday winner Chris Northup was still alive as were Todd Coltrin, Marko Perivolaris, Larry Spitall, Chuck Hawk Jr., Sugar Shane Carr, and Logan Warr.

Tim O’Moore earned the $1,000 Last Man Standing Pro Class bonus after using a .010 light and a 6.087 on his 6.07 dial to stop Fiello who was .028 and dead two to his 6.50 dial. Coltrin used a .004-pack to drop Perivolaris while Shaffer was .012 dead eight to shut out Spitall. Northup kept his double up hopes alive when his .006 to .032 reaction time advantage was too much for Hawk to overcome. Carr used a .014 light and a one above 4.581 to stop Warr who was .030 and two under. Shaffer took the bye in his dragster to remained double entered.

With six cars remaining in the Panella Race Engines $50K, Northup and Carr opened eliminations. Carr was .011 take .025 to breakout .005 sending Northup to the semifinals. Northup’s .009 light left put him in contention for the semifinal bye. Shaffer, in his roadster, stopped a red-lighting Coltrin to advance one of his entries to the semifinals. Bottom bulb racer O’Moore then squared off against Shaffer in his dragster entry.

If O’Moore wins and post a .008 or better reaction, he gets the bye to the final. If not, Northup goes to his second consecutive final round. A win by Shaffer would see him race himself in the semifinals. Shaffer grabbed the advantage off the line, .005 to .025, and cruised to a two over 4.853 to move two entries into the semifinals.

With Northup on the bye and Shaffer owning the other two entries, the semifinal round was skipped, and we moved directly into the final round. After a short negotiation on the split, the two childhood neighbors and Idaho residents faced off in the Panella Race Engines $50K final.

sean shaffer drag racer fall fling west 2020

Shaffer grabbed a .019 to .034 lead off the line and held on for the win posting a 5.105 on his 5.10 dial to keep Northup from doubling up. Northup’s 5.261 on his 5.25 dial-in came up two hundredths short at the stripe. Shaffer’s victory stopped Northup’s Fall Fling West win streak at 18 rounds!

The 64-Car $10K Shootout saw eight racers advance to round four. There Cliff Hall stopped Rodney Snider, Gary Wamboldt defeated Kevin Johnson, Hannah Cook defeated Friday runner-up Joe Leavitt, and Aaron Marcum move past Roger Comstock.

In the semifinals, Marcum used a .019 light and a one above 6.777 in his S-10 to stop Cliff Hall who was .026 at the tree and .03 under at the top end. Cook and Wamboldt squared off in the other semifinal pair with Cook taking a .025 to .030 advantage at the tree. As they approached the stripe, Cook ripped it too much giving the stripe to Wamboldt by .002. Wamboldt’s two above 4.743 was just enough to stop Cook’s three above 4.660.

The Shootout final paired Marcum, another Idaho based racer, against Wamboldt from Colorado. Wamboldt took full control off the line grabbing a .005 to .026 reaction time advantage. That advantage allowed Wamboldt’s 4.736 on his 4.72 dial to stop Marcum’s one over 6.777 lap.

The Fall Fling West presented by RAD Torque Systems continues Sunday with the Silver State Refrigerat ion $10K. The Fall Fling Reaction Time Challenge begins at 8.30 with eliminations starting at 9 AM Sunday morning.



LAS VEGAS – The final day of the Fall Fling West presented by RAD Torque Systems featured the Silver State Refrigeration Sunday $10K. Prior to Sunday eliminations, the Fling team had a couple of novelty races.

First on the track was the Fall Fling Reaction Time Challenge. The R/T Challenge gave twenty-five randomly selected racers a shot at $100 if they could post a .00X reaction time. A perfect .000 light would earn them $1,000! Racers that hit two .000 lights in a row would earn a cool $10,000 bonus. Although no one posted a perfect light, three lucky racers earned $100 each.

Next up was Grudge Race #5 between race promoters Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel. Each picked a race car from the field to continue their grudge match series. Going into the race, Seipel held a 4-0 lead over Biondo. In one of the most entertaining matchups of the event, Seipel melted the tires off his borrowed Econoline, mid-engine, pickup. After a couple of huge dry hops, he and Biondo pulled to the line for a hit at the tree.

On the practice hit, Seipel posted a -.039 reaction while Biondo was -.035 red. Both stopped at the 330’ marker, backed up to the starting line and made adjustments prior to the actual race. As both staged up, Seipel left first posting a .010 light to Peter’s .033. Pete caught Kyle down track, ripped it a few times to take .025 at the stripe to go under by .035. Kyle remained undefeated against his good friend when he posted a safe .01 over 6.97.

With the specialty races completed it was time for the Silver State Refrigeration Sunday $10K. Sean Shaffer, last night’s Panella Race Engines $50K winner, had a bounty on his head as BTE offered a converter to the racer who could take him out on Sunday.

As racers made their way through eliminations, the ladder round found nine competitors still in contention for the Silver State $10K. Of the nine racers, Sugar Shane Carr was still alive in both of his Silver State Refrigeration dragsters. Joining Carr in round six were the dragsters of Jake Jones, and Todd Piper along with the doorcars of Gary Mignacca, Ken Sweo, DJ Houmard, Larry McLanahan, and Gary Wargnier.

Larry McLanahan, the GearWrench Pro Class winner, earned the bye in round six after defeating Mark Kidd in the Pro final. Carr dropped one of his entries to Wargnier to open the round while Jake Jones took out a late leaving Mignacca. Piper used a .021 light paired with a dead four lap (4.664) to stop Sweo who was a hundred better at the tree but took .023 stripe to go .009 under his 5.97 dial-in. Sugar returned in his second entry where he defeated Houmard with a .024-pack which locked out DJ who left with a .025 light.

Round seven opened with Sugar getting packaged up by Piper who threw down seven total to advance. GearWrench Pro winner McLanahan turned it .007 red to advance Wargnier and his Chevelle while Jake Jones earned a bye to the semifinals.

Piper’s .002 light in round seven earned him the bye in the semifinals sending him to the Silver State $10K final round. Jake Jones and Gary Wargnier squared off in the other semifinal pairing to see who would join Piper in the finals. Wargnier took a huge lead off the line when his .004 light put him in control of the race after Jones missed the tree with a .059 light. At the stripe, Wargnier posted a 5.446 on his 5.45 dial but survived when Jones followed him through to go .007 under his 4.65 dial.

todd piper drag racer fall fling west race winner 2020

This set up the classic doorcar versus dragster final with Piper in the dragster and Wargnier in his ’67 Chevelle. After a near even start, Piper rolled up on the doorcar and took the win by just .001 of a second! Piper’s .015 to .019 lead at the start gave him just enough room to sneak by on the top end when his one above 4.650 (4.64 dial) outpaced Wargnier’s dead seven lap (5.437). The win earned Piper the $10,000 check to wrap up his weekend in style.

Once again Peter and Kyle added a 32-Car $5,000 Shootout to the program for racers that were eliminated in the early rounds of the Silver State $10K. Going into round three eight racers remained in contention for the final payday of the event. There we saw David Pracht over Greg Hicks, Jiovanni Collechi over Logan Warr, Shelby Williams over Mark Kidd, and Marko Perivolaris stop Funny Car Chris Northup.

In the semifinal round, Williams and Perivolaris paired up in a great matchup. After one “thou” separated them at the tree, Williams posted a dead on one 6.791 in her Nova to stop Marko’s dead on six 4.946 pass in his Camaro roadster. The other semifinal matchup was even closer as Pracht and Collechi left within two “thou” at the start. Pracht’s Vega was dead on seven (5.727) to turn back Collechi’s dead on six (5.406) effort by just one thousandth.

The all doorcar final saw Williams grab a huge .004 to .044 lead off the line. At the finish line Williams, daughter of Steve Williams from K&N Filters, posted a one over 6.789 to seal the $5K Shootout victory as Pracht was also .019 over his 5.70 dial in the loss.

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