Tony Tull

Location: Annapolis, MD
Car Number: 1X54
Type of Car/s: 2013 American dragster
Class/s: Top ET
Accomplishments: 1990 NHRA Bracket finals champion division 1 Hold the record for most consecutive championships at Maryland International Raceway (5) 1991 thru 1995 75&80 Dragway Track Champion 2001 1991 Prostar Super Comp National #5 1992 Prostar Super Comp National #4 1992 Prostar World Finals Super Comp Champion 1993 IHRA Division 1 Race of Champions Winner 1992 IHRA Division 1 Bracket Final R/U

Local Tracks

Capitol Raceway   [Crofton, MD]
Maryland International Raceway   [Mechanicsville, MD]

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