350 Plus Entries Descend on Beech Bend for Ten G Event
Bowling Green, KY
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Friday started a little damp from overnight rain but we were dried up and sending cars by 10am and with only 180 entries we were able to get the race completed before it got very cold that night.  Friday Nights final round featured a Dragster/Door Car matchup with Will Holloman in the dragster and Joseph Hodges in the pick-up.  Holloman goes .011rt and 4.473(4.46) to defeat Hodges .015rt 6.452(6.43).  Luke Bogacki was the lone semi-finalist. 

will holloman ten g at bg race winner

Saturday was BIG day!  With better weather forecast more racers rolled in Friday night swelling Saturday’s car count over 350 entries which meant no buy-backs!  At the end of the day it was another Dragster/Door Car Final as Garrett Griffith and Ian Woods locked horns for two rounds as Woods was still doubled at 3 cars with a bye to the final.  Griffith advances to race him again in the final round.  In the final round Griffith goes .028rt 6.181(6.7) to defeat Woods’ .037rt 4.712(4.70)! 

garrett griffith beech bend race winner

Sunday marked the last $10 Grander of the weekend and another sunny 60deg day!  Richard Duvall Jr. scores a win for the Roadster guys on Sunday defeating Paul Rich in the final round.  Semi-Finalist included Donny Turner and Aaron Milton.  Duvall .006rt and 5.306(5.26) beats Richs’ .003rt and 4.601(4.55).

richard duvall jr beech bend ten g race winner 2021

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