7-10 "On The Road" With Luke Bogacki - Mid Season Break

Carterville, IL - When I left off with the last “On The Road” column, I had just returned from a tumultuous trip to Atco and my girlfriend, Jessica and I were about to begin moving into our new house here in Southern Illinois.

4-10 "On The Road" With Luke Bogacki - 10 Years Running

Carterville, IL - There have been some changes in my world since my last “On the Road” column back in December. For one, it’s 2010. In addition to the start of a new decade, 2010 marks the tenth consecutive year of “On the Road” here on DRR (that makes me feel kinda old).

12-09 "On The Road" with Luke Bogacki 2009 Season Wrap-Up

Woodville, AL - How tough is it to win a “Winter Series” race? In round one the day that I won I was -.002 red, and had to buy back. I had been getting my brains beat in for over a week, and told myself “You can’t hit it any better.” I promptly rolled .002 into the box and forgot about it.

11-09 "On The Road" with Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - Alright, who turned the page of the calendar to October (nearly November?) Seriously, it feels like the 2009 season has flown by while I wasn't looking.

5-09 "On The Road" With Luke Bogacki
Master Luke

Woodville, AL - Last time I touched base with the DragRaceResults.com member base it was 2008. We’ve got some catching up to do!

12-08 pt2 "On The Road" with Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - Following a successful outing at the Million Dollar Race, I was faced with a decision as to where to compete the following weekend. Rather than ride my bracket racing luck and go to the final Tenn-Tuck event at Bowling Green, I elected to beat my head into the wall at an NHRA national event, that, as we've established, I cannot win.

12-08 "On The Road" with Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - My how time flies! It seems like yesterday I was writing my last column in the heat of summer. In reality, that was three months ago, and summer is long gone.

5-08 "On The Road" with Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - It’s been nearly two months since I last touched base with the DragRaceResults.com crowd, and we’ve got a lot of catching up to do. On a lot of levels, I’ve been real fortunate--for the last few weeks I’ve been on fire on the race track.

3-08 "On The Road" with Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - We refer to the months of December and January as the “off-season” in racing, although this season it sure didn’t seem like much of break. It seems every year that the season lasts longer, and starts earlier, and in those few precious weeks in between it seems like I stack more and more projects onto my workload every season. In short, I feel like I haven’t taken a breath from 2007, and here we are knee-deep in 2008!

12-07 "On The Road" with Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - I’m going to kick this column off with the two words I’ve used to start every season-ending column for the past 7 years: It’s Over!!! I know, it’s mid-December, and it’s been over for awhile. But hey, I’ve been busy. Okay, maybe I’m just lazy. At any rate, here’s some material for your next trip to the commode from the months of October and November.

3-07 "On The Road" with Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - Like I’ve said before--as an avid racing enthusiast and reader of various columns like this for years, I know these are more fun to read when the author is struggling.

12-06 "On The Road" with Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - It’s over! Stick a fork in me, I’m done. As I kick back on this cold December Sunday, I’ve got my first real chance to take a look back at the year that was.

10-06 "On The Road" with Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - Next up was the “grandaddy of ‘em all” for bracket racers: the BTE Million Dollar Race. The one round of the season you’re sure to remember come Christmas is the round you got whacked in the Million. As a seasoned professional of getting whacked in the million (and just about any other event), they all kind of run together for me.

9-06 "On The Road" with Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - I know, I know... I made a promise to myself and to you loyal readers (both of you--Hi Mom!) to update this column more often this year, and I did... For about three months. I haven’t made an entry since August, so we’ve got some catching up to do.

7-06 "On The Road" with Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - "For those of you who suffered through my futile attempt at humility last month (“Yea, I pretty much won every weekend--but we played golf and I suck at that...”), you’ll be happy to note that the last few weeks have been humbling enough!"

6-06 "On The Road" with Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - For those of you who are faithful readers (bless your misguided souls), you’ll recall my apology last month for not having a dreadful series of events.....

5-06 "On The Road" with Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - I know that as painful as it can be to write and relive, these columns are a whole lot more fun to read when you can point your finger at the computer screen and laugh hysterically at the idiot living the story.

3-06 "On The Road" with Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - I know that a lot of you folks reading this have either just started racing for the 2006 season, or are eagerly anticipating the opening day of action in a few short weeks. For those of you below the Mason-Dixon line like me, you know we’re already in full swing. At this point in late March, I’ve been able to race in some form just about every weekend for the last two months. And, as has become painfully normal over the last couple years, I’ve got my fill of tales of woe to share. So, kick back and enjoy the never ending adventure that I call my racing career...

12-05 Bogacki 101
Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - YES!!! It’s Over!!! While guys like Scotty Richardson, Steve Witherow, Jr., and Troy Williams, Jr. enjoyed banner seasons that I’m sure they didn’t want to see come to an end, and awesome runs from Johnny Labbous, Jr. and Todd Ewing may have been cut short by the season’s conclusion--let me be the first to say: Thank goodness it’s over!

9-05 Luke Bogacki 101
Woodville, AL - I really had grand visions of using this forum to jump up and down, whine and moan, and let the whole world know how horrible a year I’m having on the race track.

6-05 Change: Nothing Stays the Same
Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - They say that one thing is constant in life, and that’s change.

5-05 Luke Bogacki 101
Luke Bogacki

Woodville, AL - Last month, I readily admitted that 2005 wasn’t shaking up to be a banner year, but that I had all intentions of turning things around with a strong showing in April.

4-05 Luke Bogacki Bracket Racing 101

Woodville, AL - Wow. Here we are in 2005 already. In April, no less. If it seems like it’s been awhile since you heard from me, well... it has. There’s no where else to lay blame for not posting a regular story on DRR--it seems like I’ve been behind on just about everything lately!

6-04 Bracket Racing 101 Focus! ! ! By Luke Bogacki

Huntsville, AL - FOCUS!!! Last month we talked about the basic mathematics involved in bracket racing, and how you can use a knowledge of those principles to your advantage on the race track. In the next two months, we're going to try to bring it all together, with some driving tactics and techniques that have helped me through the years.

4-04 BRACKET RACING 101 with Luke Bogacki

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