Moser Engineering Great American Bracket Race & Dream Team Challenge Results
Millington, TN
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The Moser Engineering Great American $20,000 Bracket Race/Dream Team Challenge was held at Memphis International Raceway this past weekend attracting racers from all across the country. The second annual event saw record breaking numbers by exceeding 530 entries during Sunday’s Great American $20,000 Bracket Race. The Dream Team Challenge also had a great turn out and some great match ups as team captains brought their best group of racers ready to prove their team was the best of the best.

richardsons great american bracket race

For the 2nd Annual Scoggin Dickey Race Shop Dream Team Challenge team captains brought five of their best drivers to field 32 top bulb, 20 footbrake, and 13 Jr. teams to race for a large purse plus bragging rights. After fighting their way through the Top Bulb and Footbrake field Blake Richardson’s team completed the sweep the Dream Team Challenge in the top bulb and footbrake class. Richardson’s team consisted of Austin Richardson, Edmond Richardson, Scotty Richardson, and Brad Plourd. They put on a great showing proving that they were the ultimate Dream Team.

great american bracket race junior dragsters

The Dream Team Challenge wasn’t just for the adults as race promoters Britt Cummings and Gaylon Rolison Jr. also support the future of drag racing by offering a Jr. Dragster Dream Team Challenge. After defeating teams from around the country, team Ben Willis were crowned the Jr. Dragster Dream Team Champions.

Though the Dream Team Challenge was the center of the weekend, racers also had a weekend full of racing thanks to the Moser Engineering Great American Bracket Race main events. Throughout the weekend Texas drivers swept the top bulb class with Curt Harvey, Cory Gulitti, and Hunter Patton taking home Big American Flag Checks back to the Lone Star State.

curt harvey drag racer 

Harvey continued his winning streak after he had just come off a double win the weekend prior at the Texas Triple Tens. He defeated Blake McNabb who is also from Texas in Friday’s main event final with a .006 reaction time and took the stripe by .001.

cory gulitti drag racer

Young Cory Gulitti worked his way through some of the toughest racers in the country to claim Sunday’s $20,000 check as he defeated Jason Lynch in the final round. Gulitti was .005 at the starting line and ran his dial dead on with a zero, while Lynch was .006 and put it .001 under taking the stripe by .0004.

hunter patton drag racer

Hunter Patton had to jump into another car after his broke in the semi-finals. Patton was still able to get the win Monday night over Justin Clark in the $10,000 final round.

mike payne drag racer

In the Footbrake class of the Moser Engineering Great American Bracket Race main events, Mike Payne took home Friday’s Big American Flag Check for $5,000 in his beautiful Chevy II as he defeated Wesley Lockhart in the final round.

Luke Siebert Drag Racer

During Sunday’s main event Luke Siebert drove his camaro to the winner circle after defeating Josh Lynch in Sunday’s $10,000 final round.

timmy elliot drag racer

Monday wrapped up the weekend in the footbrake class with Cody Barnhart sitting on two entries out of three in the semi-finals. Timmy Elliot was able to defeat Cody Barnhart in the semi-final and final round to secure the final big check of the weekend.

Race promoters Gaylon Rolison Jr. and Britt Cummings and their whole crew worked hard to put on a great event for the racers. The 2nd Annual GABR included more than just racing with the Drag Illustrated Mega Bash and FTI Cookout offering some great food and a good time each night. The racers also agree that this race is one that you won’t want to miss next year. “The Great American Bracket Race and Dream Team Challenge is a first class event that’s very well ran. The Dream Team race has a very unique feel to it that’s hard to describe, other than its electric. I am already building my team for next year and I can’t wait to go back and try to win it!” are some of the words that Zach Schlumpf had to say about his experience. Friday’s winner Curt Harvey also agreed that he liked GABR for several reasons “first, the promoters are racers and really cater to us and make us feel welcome in every aspect. Second, the competition is awesome. Third, the Dream Team race is like nothing else we have experienced. It puts the best of the best against each other in a very fun and unique competition where one person can lose but the team still wins. The comradery that was created is second to none. I will be in this race each and every time.”

For a race recap visit the Great American Bracket Race/Dream Team Challenge Facebook or MotorManiaTV to watch the event again.

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