Moser Engineering Great American Bracket Race - Complete Results
Memphis, TN
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Photo Credit: Chris Simmons 

bob marshall drag racer gabr

Bob Marshall defeated Gage Burch for the 1st Big Check of the weekend at the Great American Bracket Race.

jesse bobo drag racer gabr

Jesse Bobo took his American Races Cars dragster to the Winner's Circle on Friday Night and collected the $10,000 Big Check for his efforts when he defeated Josh Burrow in the first Top Bulb race of the weekend.  Rachel Henderson and Greg Sesti were the semi finalists.

Mathew Richard Drag Racer 2019 Great American Bracket Race

Mathew Richard took home the "biggest" check of the weekend when he defeated Jack Collier in the $50,000 main event in Memphis.  Kentucky's Clayton Clark and Texas' Bart Nelson were the semi finalists.

Cody Barnhart drag racer

 Cody Barnhart made another final round at Memphis and took home the $10,000 Bottom Bulb Big Check when he defeated David Bell in Saturday's race.

great american bracket race 2019 dream team champions

Team Payne took home "top dog" honors in the SDPC Race Shop Dream Team Top Bulb Race. The team was made up of Jeff Bobo, Jesse Bobo, Charles Freeman, Cory Glidewell, Rusty Ashmore and defeated Team Castanedo in the finals.

great american bracket race bottom bulb team 2019

The group of 5 racers consisting of Chad Axford, Rick Baehr, Timmy Elliot, Kyle Rumley and Tommy Jackson II took top honors on the Bottom Bulb side of the SDPC Race Shop Dream Team Challenge.

mckague brothers racing

The McKague Brothers cashed in on the final day down in Memphis where Jason won the $10,000 Top Bulb side and brother Jeremy was runner up on the Bottom Bulb Side.

rick baehr drag racer

Rick Baehr showed why he is one of the best off the bottom defeating Jeremy McKague in Sunday's $5,000 Bottom Bulb Race.

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