Jeff Serra Wins Guaranteed Million in Memphis
Millington, TN
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Last Weekend's Great American Guaranteed Million was certainly one for the record books.  With a field of 450 plus entries of the Nation's Top Big Money Bracket Racers in attendance and Hurricane Delta scheduled to come landfall right smack in the middle of it, the GABR Staff had their hands full with adjustments.

With a sure fire bet to lose at least one and possibly 2 days of racing the decision was made to run Wednesday's $40k as Scheduled and then to combine the Thursday and Sunday $40k races on Thursday for a combined $80k race, leaving Friday through Sunday to complete the Guaranteed Million.

Not to bore you with all the details, but Friday time trials were ran and 4 pair of No Box cars prior to the rains arriving earlier than expected.  Saturday was a wash of approximately 4 inches of rain.  Track drying and prep consumed the majority of Sunday morning and early afternoon where the race continued completing 1st round and the re-entry round before completing for the night.  The race then resumed Monday morning and was ran to completion where Jeff Serra driving Richard Dukes Chevy II became the next racer with the "Million Dollar" title!

jeff serra and richard dukes million racers

jeff serra drag racer

todd senseney drag racer

Todd Senseny was the Runner Up of the GABR Million in his Danny Nelson build Dragster.  Nick Hastings was the lone Semi Finalist in his No Box Entry Pontiac T1000.

peeps pennington drag racere gabr

Peeps Pennington drove brother Phillips Pennington built roadster to the $80k combined win.

will holloman gabr racer

Will Holloman took 2 entries down to 6 cars before losing in the final against Pennington.

paul rich drag racer

Paul Rich who is well known in Tennessee got the Big Check on Wednesday.

jeremy jensen drag racer

Jeremy Jensen brought home Runner Up honors on day 1.

GABR Million Golf Cart Race

Tracy Guffey and Allen Wickell shared a golf cart and met in the finals of the $5,001 race.

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