Rick's Powder Coating - New, Used and Fast!
Memphis, TN
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Although most of you know of Rick's Powder Coating and their ability to coat race car chassis, but they do more than just race cars.  Rick's is one of the largest powder coating facilities in the Mid South. Located near Fedex in Memphis, Tennessee Rick's is economically accessible from all across the country and ships nationwide.

Rick's was featured last year in our DRR Double Vision Dragster build where they coated our brand new race car chassis and components for the build in lightning quick time.

orange and blue dragster chassis

Outside of the "drag racing world", Rick's is involved in all kinds of powder coating projects.  With multiple large ovens and a high capacity conveyor system, Rick's is capable of taking on work loads from individual refurbishes to high volume industrial and commercial projects.

Rick's will coat new and used parts and has the capability to strip and blast as needed.

A lot of racers are involved in other businesses that support their racing and Rick's would like them to know that if they have any powder coating needs they can handle it.

red rock crawler

Rick's is also very well known in the off road community where they do a considerable amount of powder coating on off road vehicles, chassis and components.

bmx bike

This refurbished Redline BMX Bike from the late 80's received a fresh powder coat job at Rick's.

purple powder coated wheel   

Wheels and Colors of all sorts are done on a daily basis at Ricks.  They have the ability to strip and recoat in all colors imaginable for your cars and motorcycles.

green race car chassis

These racks show the scale of size that Rick's can do whether it be your complete race car assemblies or large parts runs in other types of business you may have.

ricks powder coating

Rick Taylor is also a racer at heart!  He loves the builds and cool race cars.  This S10 is one of his latest and will be out at the tracks in the Mid South this year.  If you have any question feel free to call him or stop by and see him at the track.

Give Rick at call at 901-367-2771 or visit them at RicksPowderCoating.com

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