American Race Cars Debuts New Dragster Options at PRI
Port Clinton, OH
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american race cars dragsters 2022 pri show

American Race Cars debuted car #761 at this year's PRI Show in Indy this past weekend and it showcased some of the latest innovations and possibly some of the finest by ARC owner Travis Colangelo. "This is stuff I've been thinking of for years, and I just made myself do it the past few months" said TC.  "Cars are getting faster, our customers are asking for these options, and I just felt we owed it to them and their drivers to make the cars safer and to give them the adjustment capability they are asking for."

All of these options will be available soon, beginning with the adjustable steering column and rear shock mount later this winter, and the front suspension and rear swing arm around mid year after some extensive testing is done.  Contact Shelly with any questions on your upcoming new build or if your interested in these upgrades for your existing American Race Cars built dragsters!

american dragster front suspension

"The front suspension is something that is growing in the dragster world, but we just didn't feel like what was out there was what we wanted to offer.  We put a lot of engineering into this front end and we are very happy with how it turned out.  We know how the geometry of this front end works, and we feel it offer the most consistency of anything available".

american dragster front suspension

adjustable steering wheel for dragsters

This new adjustable steering shaft is a really cool item.  Back in 2015 Travis came up with the concept but never really followed through with the finished product.  This time it's happening with the help of Moser Engineering.  This will be available on new cars as well as a retro kit for existing cars.

adjustable steering shaft for dragsters

Shown below will be the new rear shock mount with adjustable mounting points.

adjustable rear shock mount for dragsters

Probably the most exciting product is the upgraded rear swing arm!  This is shown below and in a nutshell will eliminate the rod ends and antiroll bars.  Basically BIG BEARINGS and a BIG SHAFT that will only allow the swingarm to go straight up and down.  This will be tested early spring on some GO FAST cars and will be available on new builds and as an upgrade for any car built 2013 or later.

dragster swing arm

rear dragster swingarm

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