Thank You Mark Horton - You will be missed!
Pemberville, OH
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mark horton drag racer ohio american race carsLast evening our good friend Mark Horton got his final call to the lanes after a courageous health battle over the past few years.  Mark co-founded American Race Cars in 2004, was a former IHRA Super Rod World Champion and was a fierce competitor in any race car he ever drove.

Mark loved racing, loved business, loved cooking and loved going to lunch or dinner if you had the time. Oh.. and he had to drive.

I'm sure everyone that knew him remembers a story or 2, or 12 about him as he was just that type of guy who if he became your friend, left and impression on you in some way or another.

I wasn't fortunate to grow up with him, but I knew about him until our paths crossed in 2009.  Over the past years since then he became a great friend and advisor for anything I needed to run by him. Mark was always the first to tell my wife Happy Birthday as he was up before any other human we knew. 

Thank you for the time we got to spend building so many cars together, grilling out at the track and sitting by your pond and feeding the cat fish. Thank you for the random phone calls and thank you for all the advise over the years.  Thank you for always asking about my family. Thank you most of all for your friendship.  See you at the next race my friend!


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