2023 Mike Smith Memorial - Complete Race Recap
Montgomery, AL
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shane carr mike smith memorial 2023
Shane Carr was perfect reaction time to take home the $30,000 on Saturday and ran two above his dial, 4.501 on his 4.48 dial.
Carr defeated Cory Gulliti in the final round, in an all American Race Cars dragster final.
Derek Fuller was the lone semi-finalist and the last door car standing.
Carr said “it always feels good to win. That never gets old. I struggled early on in the rounds and just wasn’t driving good. The guy that was supposed to drive this car finally showed up after hitting the practice tree and it feels good to park it in the winners circle.”
timmy smith 2023 mike smith memorial
What better way to end the 3rd Annual Mike Smith Memorial Race than his son Timmy Smith winning the $30,000? Well, that actually happened today as Smith was double-0 in the final round to defeat Charlie Hardy.
Smith said “I’m lost for words right now. The first win after my dad passed was earlier this year and it meant a lot but this means even more. I miss him every day and have to think about it every single time I go to the shop that we both worked in.”
“I wore his helmet tonight and I thank god every day for the times we had.”
Nick Folk was the lone semi-finalist.
shane carr 2023 mike smith memorial mvp
There is no doubt that Shane Carr’s stellar performance this weekend and round wins earned him the Most Valuable Player. Carr also won Saturday’s $30,000.
Carr said “It feels good to have a good weekend. I appreciate it. Mike (Smith) was a good friend for sure and we had fun both on and off the track and I definitely miss him.”
Thanks to Hobbie Lee Photography provided photos

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