Weld Racing Presents Legend Racer - Ted Seipel
Ted Seipel

Gallatin, TN - Over the course of this feature, it’s our intention to share some of the details of Ted’s storied racing career. In doing so, we’ll tell the story of his racing career, his family’s involvement in the sport, and some of his thoughts about sportsman drag racing’s past, present, and future.

Weld Racing Presents Legend Racer - Sam Biondo
Sam Biondo

Gallatin, TN - If one phrase could be used to describe Biondo it was “Ahead of his time.” It seems Sam was always a step ahead of the competition, both on the race track and in business. Thirty years ago, he seemed to grasp the intricacies of the sport that most competitors struggle with even today.

Legend Racer - Johnny Labbous, Sr.
Gallatin, TN - Johnny Labbous, Sr. is now in his fifth decade of drag racing, and still going strong. He began his racing career in the late '60s, racing for trophies in Saturday night action at the original Brainerd Optimist club track near Hixson, Tennessee.

Weld Racing Presents Legend Racer - George Rupert
George Rupert 69 Camaro

Gallatin, TN - The name George Rupert is synonymous with sportsman drag racing, as the legendary competitor’s life has been intertwined with the sport in a variety of ways. Rupert earned a reputation within the arena he helped to create as one of, if not the most successful pioneers of big dollar bracket racing.

Weld Racing Presents Legend Racer - Edmond Richardson
Edmond Richardson

Gallatin, TN - “You laugh now, but that’s how we’d get five cars to the track. And we didn’t just do that to go an hour down the road, we hauled to Seattle like that! We have some stories from those days, let me tell you! Those trips were an adventure."

Legend Racer - Steve Taylor
Gallatin, TN - Steve Taylor has experienced a long and storied career in drag racing. Although many on this forum have only known or heard of Taylor since the 1990s, he actually began racing in 1964.

Legend Racer - Don Strickland
Gallatin, TN - In the late ‘60s and early ‘70s Don Strickland had several street cars, thanks to inspiration from his brother, Billy, who also had several nice cars.

Legend Racer - Ron Folk
Gallatin, TN - For Ron Folk from Durand, Illinois, drag racing is a way of life. Now beginning his fifth decade of racing, he is still heavily involved with the sport, even though he doesn't drive as much.

Legend Racer - Chip Horton
Gallatin, TN - Chip Horton better, known as 'The Terminator', is 45 years old and has been racing for the past 30 years at an average of two times a week. Chip has lived a bracket racer’s dream and has loved every minute of it.

Legend Racer - Bob Maxey
Gallatin, TN - Titled "Bracket Racing's Biggest Winner" by Super Stock and Drag Illustrated Magazine, Bob Maxey began his career back in 1961. With all the many contributions he's made to Bracket Racing, it's easy to see how Bob is a true legend for us all.

Legend Racer - Royce Miller
Gallatin, TN - Royce Miller earned the E.T. Driver of the year for NHRA Division 1 in 1985. National Dragster Magazine also named him Bracket Driver of the year. He was also Track Champion at Maryland International Raceway.

Legend Racer - Ike Hamma
Gallatin, TN - Ike Hamma recently lost a six and a half year battle with cancer, but has left a legacy the drag racing world will remember for a long time.

Legend Racer - Dave "Fly" Edwards
Gallatin, TN - Dave Edwards was well known for his irreverent sense of humor. His wife of eight years, Alexis, told me someone once exclaimed to Dave, "You're so lucky you must have a horseshoe tattooed on your behind."

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